June 22, 2021, 11:58

    Woman pleads for help deciphering ‘creepy’ messages she discovered in her home – World News

    Woman pleads for help deciphering ‘creepy’ messages she discovered in her home – World News

    A couple have found a creepy set of symbols scribbled under their kitchen cabinets and are calling out to their TikTok followers to help decipher the message.

    They stumbled across the piece of paper with hieroglyphic-looking markings while trying to find their cat.

    In a subsequent video, it was revealed that the piece of paper was covering a hole that lead under their bathtub.

    US TikToker Angelica explained that she and her boyfriend had recently got a new kitten and it had hidden somewhere in the couple’s home.

    While looking for their new pet, the couple discovered that there was a hole underneath one of their kitchen cabinets.

    It was there that they found the piece of paper with the drawings.

    Angelica called out to her TikTok followers to see if they could help decipher the message
    (Image: anxiousweenie69/TIKTOK)

    Since originally uploading the video, it has been viewed over 9.5 million times.

    When the couple explored behind the hole which the symbols covered, all they found an old fizzy drink cup and some cardboard.

    But just to be sure that the cryptic messaging wasn't going to haunt their house, they burnt the piece of paper.

    The realised their kitten has disappeared down a small hole
    (Image: anxiousweenie69/TIKTOK)

    Several people on TikTok claimed to have deciphered the images on the note, which they say may mean that the area is cursed.

    Others, however, claimed that the images looked more innocent.

    One wrote: "Probably a kid’s drawing covering up a hole they made."

    They took their whole stove out to access the message behind it
    (Image: anxiousweenie69/TIKTOK)

    Another user suggested a non-supernatural explanation for the hole in the wall, explaining: "I don’t know what the paper means, that’s weird, but it looks like just a plumbing access to the tub."

    Some users, however, felt that the couple found evidence of something supernatural.

    One joked: "The paper was meant to protect you! It was sealing away the bad omens!

    "And now you have nothing warding off the evil spirits."

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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