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    Woman tests out ‘worst McDonald’s in UK where burgers are like cardboard’

    Woman tests out ‘worst McDonald’s in UK where burgers are like cardboard’

    The golden arches of McDonald's are unmistakable – and when hunger hits on a long drive, it's often the only thing that will hit the spot.

    The fast food chain has 39,000 branches in 115 countries and has remained popular for decades due to its cheap prices and popular meals.

    However, like with any chain, there are some branches that fare better with customer satisfaction – and some that aren't so popular.

    A reporter from Birmingham Live identified what they believe is the "worst McDonald's in the UK" due to its poor customer reviews online.

    The branch in Kingswinford, near Dudley in the West Midlands, has only managed to rack up two stars on TripAdvisor thanks to a slew of bad reviews from dissatisfied customers.

    The McDonald's branch in Kingswinford (not pictured) has been given terrible reviews

    Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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    Among the reviews are accusations of staff "chatting and standing around," being presented with cold food and having to wait a long time to be served.

    One reviewer, who claimed the branch was the worst McDonald's in the West Midlands, said the Greggs across the road was a much better option for hungry punters.

    They wrote: "Complaining to shift managers achieve nothing. Food quality poor. Most reviews on this platform and others such as just eat confirm this. Be warned!!!"

    One person even suggested the burger they had ordered in the restaurant was "like cardboard."

    To test out whether or not the branch is as bad as the reviews make out, Birmingham Live sent reporter Dayna Farrington to the branch to test out its offerings.

    On first impression, Dayna was shocked to see a very busy car park – but managed to nab a parking space nonetheless.

    The busy car park was a sign that the restaurant itself was packed at 11.30am on a Tuesday. But despite a high demand, Dayna reported the tables were tidy inside the branch.

    In terms of service, she reported there were no staff behind the counter when she walked inside the restaurant – but she was happy to sort out her order using the self service machine.

    When she received her meal, which she said was prompt, the staff member was polite and provided her with the sauces she asked for.

    Dayna's order was much larger than what she'd normally sample on an average trip to McDonald's – but she admitted she needed to try more than usual to test the quality of the food in the branch.

    She wrote: "I ordered a large quarter pounder meal with fries and an Oasis; a chicken nugget Happy Meal with a bottle of orange juice (this came with a choice of sauce – so I chose ketchup); one apple pie; and a deluxe hot chocolate."

    Contrary to reports of cold food being served to customers, Dayna said her chips were "piping hot" and all the items she'd ordered were on the tray.

    Overall, she enjoyed her meal and couldn't find anything enormous to complain about.

    After being filled with dread upon visiting the poorly rated McDonald's branch, Dayna admits she was "pleasantly surprised" by her experience.

    She said: "It was not as bad as the reviews made out. Whether this is based on what time I visited, as mentioned I was there at around 11.30am on a Tuesday in January."

    The McDonald's press office told Birmingham Mail customer satisfaction is a "priority" but that the bad reviews made up a "tiny proportion of the thousands of customers served each day."

    A spokesperson said: "If any customer does have a complaint, we encourage them to either speak to a member of the crew in the restaurant or get in touch with our customer services team."

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