May 22, 2022, 6:33

    Woman slapped with £100 airport fine for pulling car over during panic attack

    Woman slapped with £100 airport fine for pulling car over during panic attack

    A woman was slapped with a £100 fine when pulled over outside an airport because she was suffering a panic attack, her husband has claimed.

    Annie Amos, 68, pulled over in a no-stopping zone when she experienced heart palpitations waiting for her husband Steve, 65, to leave the airport in February.

    Steve said his wife Annie paid for parking at two different places at Bristol Airport, Bristol Live reports.

    Steve, who has cancer and was experiencing severe reactions to radiotherapy, texted his wife to say he had been moved to the front of the plane to be near the toilet.

    Annie started to have a panic attack after receiving the text and was forced to pull over. Steve says she didn't see the signs as she was driving during Storm Franklin and her view was obstructed.

    Annie was hit with the fine when she stopped the car at Bristol Airport because she had a panic attack


    Storm Franklin caused severe travel delays and many parts of the country flooded and was battered with powerful and torrential rain.

    Her car was picked up by cameras and she was subsequently fined for pulling over in a no-stopping zone.

    The couple, from Somerset, has tried to appeal the fine from Vehicle Control Services Ltd, which is the company in charge of parking enforcement at the airport.

    Steve claims he didn't hear back from them when he asked about the appeals process, and he also claims he was told by the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) that they won't take into account extenuating circumstances.

    Bristol Airport said that as road safety was compromised they are "unable to assist further" with Steve and Annie's appeal.

    Steve says he was told the couple could either pay the £100 fine or go down the legal route.

    Steve says taking the company to court is "not an option" as he and his wife are pensioners and "not in the best of health".

    He said: "My flight was delayed as we had to abort my landing at the height of the storm and it was deemed not safe to disembark from the plane when it landed.

    "My wife had parked in two separate parking zones and paid while awaiting my arrival.

    "She was heading back to another parking zone when she received a text from me advising we had aborted and were just landing.

    "I am suffering from side effects of radiotherapy following chemo for cancer and my wife is obviously extremely concerned for my wellbeing.

    "She had a panic attack and pulled over to compose herself as she was not fit to drive. She stopped for 45 seconds to do this. This was in a no stopping zone, she did not see the signs as it was the height of Storm Franklin with severe winds and rain and she was panicking basically.

    "We appealed based on this, this has now been rejected, at no time have the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) or VCS acknowledged my wife’s panic attack, instead they repeat the big signs mantra stating no parking time and time again."

    A spokesperson for Bristol Airport said: “VCS has fully investigated the incident and reviewed the CCTV footage. Unfortunately, the customer stopped at double red lines and picked up another customer, causing road safety issues for other road users, customers and colleagues. As road safety was compromised they are unable to assist further.”

    The airport says facilities are available close to the terminal for vehicles picking up and dropping off passengers, and a free Waiting Zone offers parking for up to 60 minutes is available.

    The Mirror contacted Vehicle Control Services Ltd for a statement.

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