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    Woman reveals how to save £300 on food – including exact time to go to supermarket

    Woman reveals how to save £300 on food – including exact time to go to supermarket

    If you’re looking to save money in the supermarkets, take inspiration from this bargain hunter who saves £300 a month on food.

    Chezza, from Chorley, Lancashire, says her top tips include working out the best time for yellow sticker deals and freezing reduced food.

    The 45-year-old is also a big fan of batch cooking – and by preparing a load of meals in one go, she says she only uses her oven once a month.

    Chezza shared her supermarket savings on a Facebook post to help struggling families survive the cost of living crisis.

    Once a month, she does her food shop where she buys everything she needs to keep a balanced diet – all on a tight budget.

    “My average shop comes out to less than £21 a week, which includes fresh fruit and veg, cakes, bread, milk – the list goes on,” Chezza told Jam Press.

    Chezza has worked out the best time to visit for yellow stickers

    Jam Press)

    She reckons she saves £300 a month by hunting out deals

    Jam Press)

    “Most supermarkets have three times a day where they reduce items and at each time, the discount is greater than the last.

    Chezza says in her local supermarket, products are reduced by 20% between 3am and 4am, moving up to 50% off at around 3pm.

    By six in the evening, these items have dropped to nearly 90% off, she said.

    How do you save money in the supermarkets? Let us know your tips:

    Of course, each supermarket reduces its food at slightly different times, so your best bet is to get familiar with when your store puts out its yellow sticker food.

    “People turn their noses up [at reduced items] as they think they’re cheap and no good,” said Chezza.

    “In fact, quite a lot of the stuff is generally the best out there – extra special and premium.”

    Chezza is also a big fan of batch cooking

    Jam Press)

    She freezes a lot of food so nothing goes to waste

    Jam Press)

    Chezza is also known by her friends and family for her various freezer foods.

    To save money, and to make sure nothing goes to waste, she often stocks up on yellow sticker discounts and sticks them in the freezer for a later date.

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    “I often buy several four litre bottles of milk, which are reduced to 10p. I freeze these and they last me for months,” said Chezza.

    “You can freeze fruit, vegetables, meat. Think about the freezer section in shops and you’ll realise that food can be stored however you like.”

    However, Chezza also believes that while on a budget, you shouldn’t need to stop eating fresh and compromise on getting the nutrients you need.

    Charlotte has shared her money-saving tips to help other families

    Jam Press)

    At the beginning of each month, she’ll whip up six joints of meat and a range of fresh vegetables which last her for up to eight weeks.

    Chezza added: “All morning, I’ll be cooking away either using my oven or my two slow cookers.

    “I start by prepping all my vegetables, which I portion out and freeze for my dinners. I cook chicken, pork joints, gammon – any type of meat I fancy.

    “These meats are enough to feed a family of four or five for one meal, but for me, this can last for at least 10 meals.

    “I take this time to use my oven, as I do sometimes prefer my food oven cooked. However, as this costs a lot of money, I only use this once a month.

    “Other times, I use my slow cooker as this is the cheapest way to prepare a hot meal.

    “I also use an air fryer if I fancy something like chicken and chips, as this is very cheap to run or my microwave to heat up the frozen batch cooked meals.”

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