November 30, 2021, 19:44

    Woman reveals how friend and 10 kids all ate for just £10 at Toby Carvery

    Woman reveals how friend and 10 kids all ate for just £10 at Toby Carvery

    A thrifty mum has explained her cheeky move to feed ten hungry kids at Toby Carvery for just £10.

    TikToker @emmanuttyjane told how she and her friend came up with the plan after seeing a special offer at the popular roast dinner chain.

    Toby offered standard adult plates for only a fiver, but the big sell was that children ate for free when families paid them a visit.

    Between the women, they have ten kids – and lunchtimes can get really pricy when they're out and about.

    With no limit on how many little ones could be fed, the pals took full advantage – and in true carvery spirit were able to stack their plates high.

    The busy mums took full advantage of the offer after spotting the deal online


    Adults' plates were just £5 – and they didn't specify how many kids could eat free

    Toby Carvery)

    Emma wrote: “When we got 10 kids between us so we take them to Toby Carvery Kids Eat Free.

    “Cost 10 pounds to feed 12 of us.”

    Sadly if you a thinking of repeating the money-saving hack, Toby's offer isn't currently running.

    But with the restaurant putting on plenty of deals for discounted kids meals in the past, more are sure to follow in the months ahead.

    The mum's followers loved the mega feed plan, with one saying: "What a great idea!"

    The Mirror this week sent reporter Emma Rosemurgey to Toby to test-drive it's foot-long Festive Super Pig.

    But Toby Carvery soon realised they had to make a change to their promotion


    Made with a 30cm-long pig in blanket, we had to know if it lived up to the hype and she headed to her local restaurant in Chadderton, Oldham.

    Emma said: "For full disclosure, I didn't pick up the Super Pig and eat it like a hot dog; instead I used my knife and fork to carefully disseminate the extra large sausage sarnie and carefully dipped each piece into the pot of cranberry on the side.

    "The sausage was tasty, the bacon extra crispy, which is a personal preference of mine.

    "As a big fan of Toby Carvery and pigs in blankets, I had high expectations for the Super Pig and I'm relieved to say I enjoyed every last mouthful, even if it did leave me feeling somewhat of a super pig myself.

    "It's quite literally Christmas in a bun, and I don't really think you can ask for much more for a modest £7.49."

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