July 30, 2021, 6:14

    Woman explains how to bag £5,000 of John Lewis returns – including luxury items

    Woman explains how to bag £5,000 of John Lewis returns – including luxury items

    A YouTuber has revealed how she bagged over £5,000 worth of products from John Lewis after purchasing a returns pallet.

    Emily Canham, who boasts 1.43 million YouTube subscribers, said her impressive haul included a £2,000 Sage Oracle Touch coffee machine and a £450 Dyson Airwrap.

    She also managed to get a GHD Smoothing Hot Brush, which retails at £139, and five new vacuum cleaners ranging from a £179.99 cordless Vax to a £679 Miele cordless cleaner.

    Emily managed to bag all these products by purchasing a returns pallet from John Lewis at auction.

    These pallets contain items that have been purchased by a customer and returned – so you’re taking a gamble with what condition they’re in.

    Emily Canham purchased a John Lewis returns pallet

    Emily Canham/Youtube)

    Sometimes they can be refurbished or damaged, or in some cases the customer just changed their mind so the product is still in top condition.

    In total, Emily said the contents of her returns pallet was worth £5,143.96 with every single item in full working order.

    She says she paid £1,750 plus VAT, which worked out at around £2,000 for the box – meaning this isn’t a cheap purchase if you don’t have the money up front, but she did save £3,000.

    Emily bidded on the pallet at auction house William George and paid £55 shipping for the mammoth box to be sent to her home.

    She estimates the total value of the goods is more than £5,000

    Emily Canham/Youtube)

    While she knew some of the contents of the box, the rest of it remained a mystery until she unwrapped it.

    Speaking of her purchases, Emily said: “It was definitely worth doing if there’s something in the lot that you want to keep but unless you’re going to get it super super cheap you’re not really going to make the most profit with the fees you have to pay on top

    “So a money making scheme it is not but if there are certain products that you want to get at a discounted rate then I would say it’s potentially worth the risk.”

    The John Lewis pallet cost her around £2,000

    Emily Canham/Youtube)

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