October 27, 2021, 18:45

    Wife cries every night as flies invade home due to rat-infested corn pile on doorstep

    Wife cries every night as flies invade home due to rat-infested corn pile on doorstep

    A couple say they go to bed crying after their home was invaded by flies thanks to a huge rat-infested corn pile dumped yards from their front door.

    Robert Shaw, 50, says his wife Michelle is left in tears after a local bio-gas company left the rotting heap just outside their property.

    The angry pair from Woodmansey, Yorkshire, say their £600,000 home is "swarming" with insects and want something done about it.

    They claim Woodmansey Farming Company left the 200,000-tonne pile feet from their driveway last week.

    The successful businessman believes the plant has rotten potatoes and it has left a terrible smell in the area that he fears could always linger.

    He says it has brought insects swarming inside the family home

    Katie Pugh)

    But the problems came to a-head last week when they sat down to eat dinner – and some of the flies went into their mouths.

    Although the 18-foot mound is due to be shifted later this month, they fear the damage has already been done.

    "We were eating our tea and the kitchen was full of flies and we were getting mouthfuls of flies – it was disgusting," Mr Shaw told The Sun.

    "Now the rotting maize is there, and it’s going to be attracting rats and all kinds of vermin. It is just absolutely unliveable now and we can't even go into the garden because it smells so bad.

    The couple from Woodmansey, Yorkshire, say they can't stand the smell any longer

    Katie Pugh)

    "My wife goes to bed crying every night because of how bad it is."

    The fed-up couple say they have unsuccessfully tried to contact the Environment Agency.

    Colin Hammond, Head of Strategic Business Development at the firm, said: "The Woodmansey Farming Company (WFC) grows crops in the local area to supply 4UFresh Produce Ltd who process produce for the food industry.

    "WFC applied to the Environment Agency and was granted, a temporary field permit on agricultural land owned by WFC, to store harvested whole crop maize for processing through the vegetable processing factory.

    "The production of vegetable extracts is a new venture for the vegetable processing factory and will complement the seasonal market for processed potatoes."

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