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    Whopping dog weighing the same as a baby elephant named ‘slimmer of the year’

    Whopping dog weighing the same as a baby elephant named ‘slimmer of the year’

    A dog who shed half his body weight in 12 months has been branded ‘slimmer of the year’.

    In November 2020 Trojan was taken to the RSPCA tipping the scales at a hefty 101kg.

    That is a full 10kg heavier than an average female elephant at birth, Dorset Live reported.

    Just a year on, the lovable canine now comes in at a much healthier 60.1kg and is said to be feeling much better for it.

    Kennel supervisor Nicola Anthony, who has been helping care for the Alaskan malamute in Dorset, explained: "Poor Trojan was in a terrible way when he arrived here a year ago. He was dirty, matted and unbelievably obese.

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    The dog is now comparatively svelte


    “It’s taken a year, a very special diet and an exercise regime to help him lose the weight slowly and safely; and he’s now almost half of his original weight.

    "Thankfully, he hasn’t lost his big character.”

    However, the senior pooch is now looking for a home that can keep his previous health and age in mind when taking him on.

    Trojan suffers from arthritis and thyroid problems so will need ongoing treatment in his new home.

    These conditions won't be covered by any insurance, so any potential owners will need to be prepared to cover costs.

    Nicola added: “Although he’s in his twilight years, don’t let that fool you; he has no intention of ‘retiring’ any time soon.

    "He is still strong and likes to go for short walks, plod around the garden and have a good sniff.

    "He gets on really well with other dogs but doesn’t like being jumped all over so he’s best around calm, respectful doggy friends."

    Trojan is looking for a home where he’ll have good company, regular grooming and be the only dog.

    He is now looking for a new home


    Nicola said: “While the festive season may be a time to join together with family and friends, many animals, like Trojan, will be waiting patiently to find their new family in an RSPCA rescue centre.

    "It will cost us £4,117 to run an animal centre for one day this winter so we’re asking animal lovers to join the 'Rescue this Christmas' to make sure animals get the care they need this winter.”

    RSPCA chief veterinary officer Caroline Allen said: “Pet obesity is a serious welfare issue and recent studies have suggested that around half of all pet dogs are overweight.

    "We are, quite literally, killing our pets with kindness. Obesity can affect all types of pets and the main causes are from eating too much or not exercising enough.

    "As a rough guide (for cats and dogs), you should be able to see and feel the outline of their ribs without excess fat covering them. You should also be able to see and feel their waist and it should clearly ‘pinch in’ when you look down at them from above."

    Overweight pets can suffer from serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes and carrying more body weight than needed can also increase the chances of pets suffering from conditions such as arthritis and can even shorten their life expectancy.

    The RSPCA have stressed the importance of sticking to healthy diets for dogs and not to overfeed or overtreat them, especially with Christmas approaching.

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