July 24, 2021, 9:04

    ‘Vaccine passports once again leave young behind while older people enjoy freedom’ – Katie L Wilson

    ‘Vaccine passports once again leave young behind while older people enjoy freedom’ – Katie L Wilson

    With Boris Johnson announcing yesterday that Covid passports to show proof of full vaccination will become mandatory at nightclubs and other ‘higher risk’ settings from September, young people like me are left feeling baffled.

    The measure is being introduced as nightclubs are a focus for "potential super-spreading events ", according to the government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

    The obvious question then, is why did Boris Johnson allow nightclubs to open on July 19, when over a third of 18-30 year olds are still completely unvaccinated?

    There is still a lot of unknowns about the Delta variant, which is now the dominant strain of coronavirus in the UK.

    Young, unvaccinated people in the USA are being hospitalised with the variant, while across Europe the Delta strain is ripping through the teenage population. Introducing vaccine passports months after these potential super-spreading events have been allowed to take place feels like the government is shutting the stable doors when the horse is just a speck on the horizon.

    Katie Wilson and Dominic Caddick are confused and concerned about the latest plans to introduce vaccine passports for nightclub entry
    (Image: Katie Wilson)

    Even once the NHS Covid Pass is introduced, this isn’t the end of the confusion for young people. The government claims that by then, all adults in England will have had the chance to be fully vaccinated.

    Yet it's hard, from my own experience, to imagine this to be true. As Covid-19 spreads among young people and thousands more of us are getting pinged by the day, vaccination appointments are being pushed back.

    "I’m worried that I could be forced to isolate, which will stop me getting my second dose before vaccine passports are required, says 22-year-old Dominic Caddick, who received his first dose of Moderna only last week.

    "This is especially concerning, given how we seem to be letting the virus spread through the population unfettered, just making even more self-isolations likely."

    There’s plenty of young people – myself included – who are not sceptical about vaccinations and feel showing proof of vaccination is a reasonable enough ask for the sake of preventing the spread of Covid.

    However, the government's plan for mandatory vaccine passports leaves some vulnerable young people behind.

    Megan Seymour, 22, who suffers from severe allergies, believes the blanket introduction of a Covid Pass would be discriminatory to those who cannot be vaccinated but would still be required to show proof of a recent negative test or of recovery from Covid.

    Clubbers will have to show proof of their double Covid jab status if they want a night out from October
    (Image: Getty Images)

    "A large group of young people – like us with allergies – are being forgotten about, as many cannot safely take the vaccine or aren’t willing to take that risk for a justified reason," she points out.

    This latest move by the government ties into the feeling among many young people that we are, at best, left playing catch-up with the rest of the adult population who are already largely double jabbed, before we can enjoy the lifting of restrictions.

    Or at worst guinea-pigs, who will only be protected from the virus in spaces like nightclubs, months after it has been allowed to spread, putting us at risk of being infected, hospitalised or worse.

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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