June 13, 2021, 5:17

    UK Weather: Hot and humid day with ‘uncomfortable’ highs of 27C in towns and cities

    UK Weather: Hot and humid day with ‘uncomfortable’ highs of 27C in towns and cities

    The mercury will soar once again reaching peaks of about 27C on Thursday and Scotland is tipped to see its warmest day of the year so far.

    And forecasters predict that the balmy weather will continue for the rest of the week before reaching blistering highs of nearly 30C on Sunday.

    It comes after Brits have enjoyed several days of warm weather and sunny skies throughout June, in stark contrast to the washout weather felt during miserable May.

    Speaking of today's forecast Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said it would be 'a messy picture' with rain in some parts but also very warm in the sunshine.

    There will be some rain but many places will stay dry
    (Image: Andy Commins / Daily Mirror)

    She said: "More cloud across the skies but temperatures holding up, feeling muggy overnight [Wednesday] and very warm [Thursday] in the sunshine.

    "It's going to feel rather humid as we head into [Thursday] morning, even uncomfortable for some towns and cities.

    "So Thursday dawns, cloudy for most, bright for some.

    "Despite the fact here you can see there is a lot of cloud and a bit damp in places the cloud will overturn.

    "It will break up helped with the strength of the sun and through the afternoon many areas will see some brighter weather if not sunshine.

    "It's going to feel very warm. Almost the warmest day of the year for Scotland as temperatures rise to around 23, 24 degrees Celsius."

    It will be another hot day today

    Forecasters added that some parts of Scotland and the central part of England would likely see some rain showers in the day.

    Thursday will see high temperatures of about 27 C, while the weekend will be even warmer with the mercury reaching peaks of about 28 C on Sunday.

    UK Weather Forecast


    Cloudy start for many. Brightening up for most with warm sunny spells but the odd shower possible. Staying cloudy for some western parts with some light rain in far west.


    Cloudy with light rain and drizzle in western areas, heavy at times in northwest Scotland. Dry further east with clear spells but low cloud, mist and fog in south later.


    Brighter and fresher in north with scattered showers. Cloudier across central and southern parts with rain at times in west. Sunny spells and very warm in southeast.

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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