May 17, 2022, 23:57

    Should the Queen abdicate after the Jubilee? Have your say as Prince Charles takes her place

    Should the Queen abdicate after the Jubilee? Have your say as Prince Charles takes her place

    Today, Queen Elizabeth II was forced to pull out of the State Opening of Parliament due to ill health. This left Prince Charles to deliver the Queen's Speech and lead some Mirror readers to ask if the Queen should abdicate.

    Reports emerged last night that the Queen would be unable to fulfil her traditional constitutional duty following " episodic mobility problems " that are part of a recent deterioration in health for the 96-year-old monarch.

    This year that our ever-popular Queen celebrates her seventh decade as head of state in her Platinum Jubilee but these health issues have prompted some to ask if it is time for her to pass on the crown and take a well-deserved rest.

    One Mirror reader thought it was nice to see the spritely 73-year-old heir take charge, saying: "Finally Charles is having a bash at what he was brought up to do. Actually refreshing to see."

    What do you think? Is poor health and an inability to attend state functions a good enough reason for the Queen to abdicate? Let us know in the comments section below.

    In a British tradition dating back as long as the monarchy, many took this instability in the Royal Family to call for its complete abolition, with one reader saying: "I'm a republican, time these outdated leeches were binned.

    "I've nothing against them as people, just the privilege they were born into."

    Though many hold strong opinions on our system of monarchy, many readers came to the defence of the Queen, who typically breaks 90 per cent approval in public polls.

    One such reader said: "The usual anti-monarchists out in force today. Disgusting, get some respect for your queen and future king."

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