October 22, 2020, 7:20

Scottish Labour Students Makes Non-Apology Over ‘All Cops Are B******s’ Tweet

Scottish Labour Students Makes Non-Apology Over ‘All Cops Are B******s’ Tweet

Scottish Labour Students was left isolated yesterday after Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard condemned its ‘outrageous’ tweet on Saturday, which used the abbreviation ‘ACAB’ – All Cops Are B******s.

The Scottish Labour Party’s student wing has refused to apologise to police after calling them “B******s” in a tweet on Monday.

Scottish Labour Students (SLP) wrote: “To be clear: ACAB” in a post on Saturday, prompting harsh criticism from the Scottish Police Federation and Conservative politicians.”

SLP Chair Mariam Shaaban retweeted the post, adding: “It’s ACAB today, tomorrow and every day after that”. The abbreviation, often seen in graffiti and tattoos, stands for ‘All Cops are B******ds’.

​The organisation deleted the “ACAB” tweet and issued an apology on Tuesday, – but only to activists at a Trans Pride march in London on Saturday, which it claimed was “shut down” by police.

“We have deleted a prior Tweet as it snowballed to itself becoming the story,” the new tweet read. “Its original point was to show support for London Trans Pride attendees in the face of police shutting down the event.”

“We are sorry our clumsy use of language obscured the real issue and apologise to our trans comrades who have our support now and always.”

Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard condemned the student body’s “outrageous statement” on Tuesday, pointing out that some of his own relatives have served in the police force.

That was after ​Scottish Police Federation General Secretary Calum Steele threatened to boycott the Scottish Labour conference in future in a Monday tweet.

​On Tuesday Steele welcomed Leonard’s comments as well as other messages of support from senior Labour figures, adding he had received a “personal apology” from the Scottish Labour leader.

​Shaaban drew fire in March when she celebrated the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

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