July 24, 2021, 12:50

    Savvy shopper paid off her debts and saved £15,000 with hobby hunting for bargains

    Savvy shopper paid off her debts and saved £15,000 with hobby hunting for bargains

    A woman who started hunting for bargains to pay off her debts has turned her efforts into a regular hobby and managed to save an eye-watering £15,000.

    Leia Winch, a 37-year-old careers adviser from Telford, started shopping on a budget in 2017 and has since learnt how to buy everything she needs, from food to toiletries to gifts for special occasions, at a discounted price.

    Leia described how, for example, she once picked up what would've been a £33.50 shop with just 28p.

    The super cheap haul included four packs of Love Corn, four packs of Pick Up chocolate biscuits and 16 Piccolo yogurts.

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    Leia once picked up food that would've cost her £33.50 for just 28p

    She said the yogurts were originally £1.25 each, the corn was £1 a bag and the Pick Up packs were also £1 each, "so I was very impressed with what I ended up paying".

    Leia, who shares her cash-saving tips on Instagram at leiasbargains, said she will shop at different supermarkets, including Asda, Morrisons and Aldi to find the best deals.

    She described how was once walking down the meath and poultry aisle in Aldi when she hauled two packs of beef and a pork shoulder joint for £2.18 instead of £9.29.

    Leia once paid £2.18 instead of £9.29 for two packs of beef and a pork shoulder joint in Aldi

    Leia also targets products with a reduced yellow sticker

    While she once got a huge stack of meat, including three packs of eight Walls Thick Sausages, two packs of Morrisons smoked salmon, eight Peperami snack pots and a pack of breaded fish, for £4.83 when it should've cost £47.30.

    Speaking to LatestDeals.co.uk, she said: "If you want to start buying bargains of your own, my tips would be to research the stores in your local area and see when the reductions are offered. You can even ask staff.

    The careers adviser also uses her Advantage Card to haul great deals in Boots

    The 37-year-old now will shop on a budget for just anything she needs

    "I would say to be polite and courteous to staff and other shoppers. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time and sometimes you’re not.

    "It gives me a buzz to find bargains because I know I’m saving money and working towards my goal of home ownership and financial independence.

    After seeing how much she could save on food by only going for bargains, she extended her approach to toiletries and other day to day essentials.

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    She recollected how she was once invited to a wedding and needed some make up so she went into Boots and used its £5 offer.

    That, combined with a £5 off no No7 products on her Advantage card app, got her a free No7 kit which featured makeup removing wipes, facial sun protection, lip balm and waterproof mascara.

    Leila called on people to also make use of free apps to collect cash back offers, such as Shopmium and CheckoutSmart, to really get the best out of shopping on a budget.

    Tom Church, Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said "Leia is truly an inspiration" as she has demonstrated how bargains are always out there for those who want to see them.

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