June 24, 2021, 11:43

    ‘Rishi Sunak showed his true colours by blocking catch-up cash for children’ – Rachel Reeves

    ‘Rishi Sunak showed his true colours by blocking catch-up cash for children’ – Rachel Reeves

    With his move to block funding for children's education last week, we've seen the Chancellor’s true colours.

    Many of us have seen what children have gone through during the pandemic and we want to make sure they don’t miss out because of it.

    Teachers, school staff, children and parents have done so much to keep our country’s education going.

    But walk past any playground and you know how excited children are to be back at school.

    As a working mum, I struggled sometimes with home schooling – doing a Zoom meeting with MP colleagues with a science experiment going on, or chairing a meeting with Leeds businesses while giving tips on addition and subtraction.

    Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves blasted the Government for its pitiful plan to help kids catch up after the pandemic
    (Image: Getty Images)

    I know how much my two young children missed their friends and teachers.

    The pitiful response by the Government leaves the mental health, development and future of too many children at great risk.

    But it’s not just that the Chancellor’s ambition is lacking. It’s his priorities too.

    He joins a long line of Tory Chancellors who, over the last 11 years, refused to put children first, with rising class sizes and Sure Start centres slashed.

    Unless he u-turns soon, blocking this investment in children’s recovery could drain £420 billion from our economy as children miss out on teaching.

    It’s a classic Conservative false economy – poor short term decisions, storing up problems for the future.

    Instead of making the same mistakes, the government should harness the ambition of our children.

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak

    That is why Labour have created our own Children’s Recovery Plan.

    Our plan will give all schools and children the right resources – from tutoring to sports to breakfast clubs – to fuel our post lockdown recovery.

    A crucial part of making Britain the best place to grow up in is investing in our children so they can thrive.

    Another move is to stop tax dodging online giants like Amazon and Google from undercutting our high streets – an ambition the Chancellor has consistently weakened, failing to show leadership at the G7 Finance Ministers meeting.

    The Government has a responsibility to make the right choices – for our children, our businesses and our public services.

    A Labour Government will make different choices, and build a future for our great country our children can be proud of.

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