December 4, 2021, 8:51

    Police helicopter and armed officers scrambled as music video sparks panic

    Police helicopter and armed officers scrambled as music video sparks panic

    Armed police swooped on a park after men dressed in army fatigues for a music video sparked panic.

    At least 10 armed police rushed to Queen's Park in Heywood on Sunday following reports from startled members of the public.

    A group of four men were seen walking through the park wearing 'full camouflage and balaclavas', Manchester Evening News reported.

    Pictures from the scene show three men being spoken to police, while a police helicopter circled overhead.

    One witness said he saw the men walking through the lower end of the park towards the woods at about 3pm.

    At least ten armed officers were called to the scene


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    He said: "There were four lads, all in full camouflage, walking through the lower end of the park, past the tennis courts.

    "They were all balaclava up.

    "It wasn't a good look.

    "A lot of people were on their phones to the police."

    Another witness said the men told him they were shooting a music video in the woods.

    The group of men were spotted at about 3pm


    He said: "They had cameras with them.

    "I spoke to them and asked if they were filming a music video or something and they just laughed and said 'Yeah'.

    "I could see five armed response vehicles and the helicopter was up for ages.

    "It was a big operation and must have cost some money to respond like that."

    Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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