November 28, 2021, 19:05

    Nutritionist identifies best food to eat to cure hangover – and there’s maths behind it

    Nutritionist identifies best food to eat to cure hangover – and there’s maths behind it

    We’ve all been there, far too hungover to move from our bed for hours and too scared to eat anything because of a overwhelming feeling of nausea.

    Hangovers are never a pleasant experience, and although some are lucky enough to avoid them completely, most of us suffer, sometimes for days.

    Whether it’s after a boozy Christmas party with the office or too much wine in front of the television, it really can be a struggle.

    We may be in luck though, as science geeks have come up with a clever mathematical formula for the perfect hangover cure.

    As reported by Prima , nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has worked with Deliveroo to break down the formula into something that we can all understand.

    The clever sum is as follows:

    X (C2H5OH ++) = Y (B x 2 + 20gP) + (+ AV + rk2 + SPF x 10)

    All you need to know is that X equals all the alcohol units you had the night before and Y is the ideal hangover cure.

    To break it down, (C2H5OH ++) relates to the number of drinks you’ve had the night before (if you can remember).

    Everything after the '=' is what you need to put in your body to make you feel better.

    The good news is, the formula is actually a breakfast, and everybody loves a good hearty breakfast after a night out.

    According to nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, sweet potato fries are the secret ingredient


    So, Bx2 basically means two slices of bread, and 20gp means 20 grams of any lean protein, whether that’s something like eggs, turkey, or quinoa.

    The AV in the sum actually stands for avocado, and then you need to get a few handfuls of spicy rocket (rk2) for your breakfast too.

    Strangely, sweet potato fries is also in the equation (SPF x 20), and although they may seem like an odd choice for breakfast, sweet potato has it's benefits.

    According to nutritionist Amanda, sweet potatoes contain a lot of good ingredients like potassium, fibre, beta-carotene and vitamin B, all great elements to soak up a hangover.

    Perhaps maths isn’t so bad after all if it means we can use it to make a massive breakfast and eliminate our hangover completely.

    Move over McDonald's, because this might be the solution we’ve all been waiting for.

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