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    National Doughnut Week: Where to pick up sugary treat and raise money for sick children

    National Doughnut Week: Where to pick up sugary treat and raise money for sick children

    Picture it now: a glistening shell of soft pink icing with a scattering of brightly coloured hundreds and thousands sitting on top of a light, soft bun.

    With a perfect hole in the middle, you take that first bite, the flavour of the icing mixing with the perfectly fried body – just think, this could be you.

    If ever you were looking for the perfect time to indulge in Homer Simpson ’s favourite snack then now would be the time, with these sugary treats being celebrated nationwide this week.

    Just in case you haven’t already heard, it’s National Doughnut Week, which sees people all across the UK team together to sell doughnuts for a worthy cause.

    What is National Doughnut week?

    Simple is often better when it comes to doughnuts – see here, a simple glaze

    Daily Mirror)

    National Doughnut Week sees people get together to sell doughnuts to raise money. Everyone from bakers, coffee shops and offices can take part, with 100% of proceeds going to a worthy cause.

    All money raised goes to the Children’s Trust, and officials at the National Doughnut Week simply send out goodie packs to people and businesses wanting to take part.

    The event runs from May 7 to May 15, so there is still plenty of time if you want to get out and grab a delicious doughnut.

    Cristiana Ballarini, pastry mixes marketing director at CSM Ingredients, encouraged people to get involved to help the Children's Trust.

    She said: "Every penny raised goes towards helping the children being treated there. The May 7-15 2022 will be a very special time throughout the UK so we are encouraging everyone that has signed up to really let their creativity flow and create a brand new type of doughnut. We can’t wait to see the results.”

    Katie Roberts, head of volunteer fundraising at The Children’s Trust, said: “After a record-breaking event last year, The Children’s Trust are very proud to be benefiting from National Doughnut Week once again.

    "We’re really excited to work with so many fabulous bakeries and cafes around the country.

    "Your participation in National Doughnut Week will ensure that our support is there for even more children who have been affected by brain injury or neurodisability. You can transform their life-chances.”

    How can I find shops doing National Doughnut Week?

    Everyone likes doughnuts


    If you want to do your bit by buying a doughnut from a participating seller all you need to use this easy tool provided by the National Doughnut Week organisation.

    Simply follow this link and you will head to the bakery finder , which provides an interactive map of all places taking part in the project.

    The page will also give you information about the exact address of each business.

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