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    Mum wants to rehome daughter’s puppy because ‘it’s too much work’

    Mum wants to rehome daughter’s puppy because ‘it’s too much work’

    A mother is considering giving away her daughter's 10-month-old puppy, but is worried that her family will never forgive her.

    The woman took to Mumsnet to ask fellow parents for their advice, and said: "Am I Satan if I give away our daughter's first pet for the sanity of the family?"

    She posted on the account of usuallyquiet1 to explain her plans to give up her four-year-old daughter's puppy, as she is "struggling to get used to a life with a dog".

    The first-time dog owner explained that she feels awful as the cockapoo pup is "sweet-natured and generally lovely".

    Owning a puppy wasn't what she expected

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    Her two main issues were not being able to leave the house for more than three hours and having to keep all of her daughter's toys upstairs.

    She assumed her daughter and puppy "would play together" but in reality, the dog chews up anything in sight and takes up most of the young girl's free time.

    The mum admits that she didn't know what she was getting herself into, but is a "worrier" and fears for the dog's happiness.

    Her dog trainer has seen her struggling and has offered to take the puppy off their hands, after just eight months together.

    She worries the dog isn't happy with them

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    The post divided parents on Mumsnet, with one person reminding her that "a dog should be for life".

    People were quick to criticise her choice for purchasing a puppy and not being prepared for the commitment.

    One said: "Poor dog, it's so frustrating hearing people say I didn't realise how hard it was or getting puppies then expecting them to 'grow out' of certain behaviour."

    Few were hesitant about her handing the dog over to the trainer, and saw it as a "giant red flag".

    A person replied: "Definitely do not give the dog to the trainer – that's all kinds of weird."

    Mums reassured her that it was the right choice


    Many could feel her pain and resonate with the enormous guilt.

    One said: "Getting a puppy is difficult, but your daughter will soon be in school each day, so you will have plenty of time to spend with the dog. You feel your daughter is missing out on lots of things, but she's gaining so much from having a pet."

    Plenty of others understood the mum's decision to give up the dog, and assured her that her daughter would "get over it".

    Some people were wary about the dog trainer

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    One person said: "I think if your trainer is offering to have him then that is a really good solution. At least you know where he is going and that he will be looked after."

    Another agreed: "Give the dog away and prioritise your child. She should be able to have toys downstairs and have a life without a dog dictating it.

    "It'll be fine with the trainer. Just don't get another dog and if you do make sure you're children are much, much older."

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