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    Mum sued by paedophile ex-partner who refused to stop seeing their kids

    Mum sued by paedophile ex-partner who refused to stop seeing their kids

    A mum has been sued by her paedophile ex-partner and brought to court dozens of times as he refused to stop seeing their kids.

    Julia*, 42, had been with her ex for nearly six years when she found out he had been convicted of sexually abusing three young children – but had never mentioned it to her.

    The woman lived with her ex and their two kids in north London.

    One day, she received a message from a woman who claimed to be a family friend of Julia's ex.

    The woman told Julia that her two little girls had been sexually abused by the paedophile, who had served time in prison for the crime.

    Julia was shocked when she received the message and felt confused as she would have never imagined anything like that.

    Julia was forced to attend dozens of hearings in court
    (Image: Getty Images)

    She said that when she confronted her partner, he tried to play it down, saying the woman was friends with his ex-wife and had launched a "hate campaign" against him, The Times reports.

    But Julia did not accept what he claimed and kept gathering as much information as she could to try and find out the truth.

    The couple met through some friends in common.

    Julia said she fell for her ex as he was "highly intelligent" and seemed to be "an amazing person" – so when she discovered the truth about him, she was in shock.

    She added that after the Facebook message arrived, the man changed his attitude, becoming aggressive and at times violent.

    Julia said: "I became increasingly afraid of him, and of what this situation meant for all of us. I had no idea how to handle it."

    The paedophile had abused three young children
    (Image: vwilcox)

    The mum-of-three, who was on maternity leave when she received the message, was urged to contact social services, but initially, she did not get any help.

    She then went to Holborn police station in central London and gave a statement.

    When the officer asked her if her ex had been known by any other names, she told him his previous surname and was told there was a record against him.

    She then discovered he had abused three children then served time for the offence before moving to London to reinvent himself.

    When she discovered the truth, Julia made sure her children – who were then put on the children protection register – were never left alone with their father.

    But despite this, he kept insisting to see the kids on a 50:50 basis, including overnight stays.

    He brought her to family court 37 times, forcing her to remortgage her house to pay for legal fees while he had access to legal aid.

    Julia said: "From the moment the authorities got involved, the family court was Robert’s only access to us, and God, he used it.

    "He loved being in court. Loved it. He played to the gallery. It was power and control."

    Following years of stress for Julia and her children, a judge agreed to a barring order for three years against the paedophile.

    He is now allowed to only write to the children four times a year, but has never done it.

    Julia is now worried that when three years pass, her ex-partner will try to get back to court and drag her into the same process again.

    *Names changed to protect the identities of children involved.

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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