July 24, 2021, 10:13

    Mum panics after spotting escaped tot on baby monitor – before realising hilarious mix-up

    Mum panics after spotting escaped tot on baby monitor – before realising hilarious mix-up

    Mum Natasha Comer was getting into bed when she had one last look at the baby monitor to make sure her two-year-old daughter was still sleeping soundly.

    But she was left stunned when she saw a tot's face staring back at her in the night vision footage, leading her to believe little Marnie had escaped the cot and was making a run for it.

    The 31-year-old jumped out of bed and raced into her daughter's room to check on the little one, but was even more confused to find Marnie sleeping peacefully in her cot.

    It wasn't until she went to look at the baby monitor positioned in her daughter's room that she found the real culprit – the packaging for Pampers left on the floor featuring a tot's smiling face.

    Natasha was fooled by the Pampers packaging
    (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

    Natasha, who is also mum to nine-year-old Jenson, says the heart-stopping experience has taught her never to leave anything in front of the baby monitor in the future.

    The NHS administrator, from Horfield in Bristol, said: "We've always had a baby monitor on in the room keeping an eye on her.

    "Some nights I don't have to check it because she's quiet. On this night I must have heard a noise around that time and I took a look.

    "I had a heart attack, I remember thinking 'how has she got out of her cot?'

    Natasha joked that she's learned her lesson
    (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

    Natasha with her husband Ryan, and children Marnie and Jenson
    (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

    "She's never got out of her cot before. I was a bit panicked, she's never been an explorer like some but the thought of it does terrify me.

    "I had to go in the room and check it out, when I got in there she was in her cot and I was confused.

    "When I glanced over and saw the Pampers lying there it was obvious what it was. I put them away and thought to myself 'get back in bed'."

    Natasha shared the image on Facebook where it left people in stitches, and the mum admitted that even her own husband Ryan couldn't help but laugh at her.

    Natasha posted the ominous-looking picture with the caption: "Left the bag of Pampers out one night, scared the s*** out of me. I thought she'd got out of her cot and was smiling at me."

    One person replied: "Omg I'm laughing my head off, thanks for that."

    And another commented: "This is brilliant!"

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