December 1, 2021, 2:24

    Mum-of-four, 39, dies after waking up with horrific head pain on family caravan holiday

    Mum-of-four, 39, dies after waking up with horrific head pain on family caravan holiday

    A mum-of-four tragically died after collapsing on a family caravan holiday.

    Clare Machin was with her 11-year-old son, Alfie, and her partner on a weekend break in North Wales when she woke up with an agonising headache.

    Two weeks later the mum from Huyton, Liverpool, passed away aged just 39.

    Clare's cousin, Jacquie Gaffney, 52, spoke to the Liverpool Echo about what happened that morning.

    Jacquie said: "She had woke up with a horrific pain in her head. She screamed 'get an ambulance' before she collapsed and started fitting."

    Clare was taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital in Wales and then transferred to Royal Stoke University Hospital where she underwent two operations to try and save her life.

    Clare pictured with her boys – Jack, Harry, Alfie and Oscar

    Jacquie Gaffney)

    Doctors told the family, Clare had suffered a "catastrophic event" in her brain called a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

    According to the NHS, a subarachnoid haemorrhage is an "uncommon type of stroke caused by bleeding on the surface of the brain. It's a very serious condition and can be fatal."

    The main symptoms of the condition include a stiff neck, sickness, sensitivity to light, loss of consciousness or convulsions and "a sudden severe headache unlike anything you’ve experienced before".

    Despite the best efforts of doctors to save her, Clare died on October 29 nearly two weeks after she was admitted to hospital. The family agreed for Clare's organs to be donated to help save others.

    Jacquie said: "She was very, very poorly. They said even if Clare did get through, she probably wouldn't have been the Clare we knew."

    The family, including Clare's parents and her four boys – Jack, 19, Harry, 17, Alfie, 11, and Oscar, 3, are said to be devastated by the sudden loss of the mum.

    Jacquie said: "We're just all in shock, I'm up and down. It's not the natural order of things.

    "She was full of life – a lovely and brilliant mum. She absolutely adored her boys. She's going to miss their weddings, their 21st's."

    Clare's funeral service took place on Wednesday, November 17 at St Gabriel's Church in Huyton followed by the crematorium in St Helens.

    Her sister, Vicki, said she was: "The most kind and caring person. She looked after everyone and loved her family so much.

    "Her boys where her world and everything she did was for them. She loved to take the boys on holiday. They where always camping and when they wasn’t they was planning the next trip."

    "She will be missed by her family on both sides, Machin’s and Grady’s."

    Jacquie added: "Clare loved butterflies. When her organs were donated, that gave comfort to her family.

    "It was like the butterfly effect, something she would have wanted."

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