May 16, 2022, 13:52

    Mum misses out on £3.6m EuroMillions jackpot by changing numbers for one week

    Mum misses out on £3.6m EuroMillions jackpot by changing numbers for one week

    A mum of four is kicking herself after she missed out on a whopping £3.6 million jackpot by changing her regular lottery numbers for one week only.

    Unlucky Lorna Hart made the catastrophic decision to swap her usual EuroMillions numbers – 3, 25, 27, 28, and 29 – for the HotPicks ticket, opting for a random selection of numbers for the main game.

    When she went online to check the numbers yesterday morning, her heart sank as she realised she would have won a life-changing amount of money had she not switched her usual numbers.

    After realising how close she came to winning the big bucks, the 45-year-old says she is 'feeling pretty gutted'.

    The unfortunate lottery loser said: "I would have got £3.6 million but I put those numbers on the other game.

    Lorna Hart said she was feeling 'pretty gutted' about her loss

    Portsmouth News/Solent News)

    "3, 25, 27, 28, and 29 came out in the EuroMillions, but I used the lucky dip for the EuroMillions.

    "I pick those numbers every week because they're significant – one's the day I met my current partner, one is my daughter's birthday, another is the day I fell in love with my partner."

    The single mum, who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, claims she has played the EuroMillions every single week since it began.

    She had always dreamt of winning and buying her own home, she said.

    She said: "I feel a bit deflated – I'm disabled, I've got ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), so it would have made a big difference to my life.

    "I had to give up work about eight years ago, it was quite a life crisis. I've had a pretty tough time of it.

    Lorna is a single mum who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome

    Portsmouth News/Solent News)

    "That kind of money would have meant a great deal and given me that security – it's quite hard being on benefits.

    "I would have bought my own house, as I currently rent.

    "My daughter's just finishing university so I would have found her somewhere to live – it's really tough at the moment."

    But despite the disappointment, Lorna is able to laugh about her misfortune and says that she is going out with her friends for 'cake instead of Champagne'.

    She added: "At least I've got family and friends. That's what's really important."

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