May 20, 2022, 10:24

    Mum leaves people divided after sharing the mess new babysitter left behind

    Mum leaves people divided after sharing the mess new babysitter left behind

    Leaving your children in the hands of a babysitter can be a nerve-wracking experience for any new parent – or parent in general.

    Will everything be OK? Can you trust the babysitter? Will there still be a house to return to after your evening out?

    It's entirely natural – and many other parents admit to feeling similarly.

    One mum went viral recently after sharing how her home looked after the babysitter had looked after her children – and it's safe to say she wasn't impressed.

    While her children were fine, she wasn't happy with the mess left behind – and shared a viral video on TikTok.

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    On the kitchen counter, there's a large paper bag and a coffee cup, along with a few items. Then she pans to a cutting board that has grapefruit peel left on it and a few half-eaten plates of food.

    She shared the video, and wrote in the caption: "When you come home from date night and the new babysitter left your house like this…"

    The video went viral


    People were divided


    Underneath, she added: "Like, really?!"

    People were left divided in the comments, as one wrote: "A babysitter isn’t a housekeeper or cleaner tho," while another added: "They are there to keep your kids safe and supervise."

    A fellow mum added: "As a mom with *crazy wild* toddlers, I NEVER expect our babysitter to clean up after them. I do appreciate when they clean up the mess."

    Another wrote: "I really think this is a generational thing. Back in the 90s when I babysat, we cleaned up after the children and ourselves. Common decency."

    A babysitter added: "As an experienced babysitter it’s common courtesy to clean. Sometimes I’d even clean dishes/messes I didn’t make."

    "As a nanny, I clean up but sometimes it’s hard to do things with children and moms of all should know that.. maybe have a talk instead of posting this," advised another.

    "I always cleaned up when I babysat. No one’s asking you to vacuum or do all the dishes but at a minimum clean up toys/food," wrote one commenter.

    "Y’all it’s just the disrespect..if the table wasn’t like that when she arrived, & she made a mess with the kids cooking/playing …clean it up," added one person.

    Another wrote: 'The ppl saying a babysitter isn’t a cleaner. Did ur parents not raise you right? Who makes a mess in someone’s house & doesn't clean up after themselves?"

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