May 17, 2022, 12:45

    Mum creates dream kitchen for £170 with B&Q and Wilko bargains – saving her £1,300

    Mum creates dream kitchen for £170 with B&Q and Wilko bargains – saving her £1,300

    A mum has managed to make the kitchen of her dreams for just £170 thanks to bargain supplies from B&Q and Wilko.

    Sarah-Jayne Plant, 29, from Wiltshire, reckons she has saved over £1,300 by taking on the DIY job herself.

    The money-savvy mum says a similar design would’ve cost her £1,500 if she hired professionals.

    Sarah-Jayne transformed the worktops with DC Fix, made her own shaker-style cupboards with MDF from B&Q and even created leather handles herself.

    She was desperate to turn her kitchen into a light and chic space as her old design felt “cold and unwelcoming”.

    How the kitchen looked before the transformation…

    …and how it looks now

    Speaking to she said: “I looked at people's Instagram and Pinterest and thought I could never afford a beautiful kitchen like theirs.

    "I loved the idea of a shaker style kitchen so I went to B&Q and I picked up three MDF boards at around £12 each and they kindly cut them into three-inch length strips.

    "I had to cut some of them down with a handsaw to the lengths I needed. I slightly sanded down the original cupboards and used wood glue to attach the MDF around each cupboard.

    “A few hours later I went and filled in any gaps with polyfill.”

    Sarah-Jayne then gave the finished cupboards a sand before decorating them with paint from Wilko and B&Q.

    The cupboards during the makeover project

    Wilko Supernova Tough & Washable Matte Paint cost £17 and B&Q GoodHome Durable Artemisa Matte Cabinet Paint was priced at £15.

    When it came to finishing off the cupboards, Sarah-Jayne found strips of leather online for roughly £20 and then cut them to size to make her own handles.

    She continued: "The kitchen worktops definitely needed a freshen up as it was too much with all the black so I used DC Fix wood grain effect sticky back plastic.

    "I used almost three rolls at £10 each. I already had the tile paint from something I had done previously – it was B&Q GoodHome durable liberty matte multi-surface paint at £22.

    Have you transformed your home on the cheap and want to share how you did it? Let us know:

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    "The wood above the top cupboards is just simple wood strips from Proper Job at roughly £2 each.

    “I used probably three of those. And they’re just tapped in with nails so can be easily removed.”

    For anyone looking to create something similar, Sarah-Jayne recommends taking your time so the work doesn’t become overwhelming.

    "Also mistakes happen and that’s okay,” she said.

    “This took me over a few weeks to do buying bits at a time as and when I could afford to. It cost me roughly £170 in total.

    “It would probably have cost at least £1,500 for professionals to do it and I feel over the moon with the amount I have saved.”

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