June 25, 2022, 10:25

    Labour’s Dawn Butler ‘threatened with police escort’ after calling Boris Johnson a liar in Commons

    Labour’s Dawn Butler ‘threatened with police escort’ after calling Boris Johnson a liar in Commons

    Labour MP Dawn Butler has said she was threatened with a police escort after being kicked out of the Commons for calling Boris Johnson a liar.

    In July, the former minister broke parliamentary rules by saying an MP, the Prime Minister, had "lied to the House and the country over and over again" about the government's handling of Covid.

    She refused to withdraw the accusation when pressed by deputy speaker, Judith Cummins and was told to leave the Chamber for the day.

    Now the Brent Central MP has told BBC Radio 1Xtra that she was threatened with a police escort if she did not leave parliament altogether.

    “When I got thrown out, I thought that was it. I was going to get myself a drink in one of the many bars in Parliament because I was a bit shaky," she said.

    "And then I got approached and I was told I needed to leave Parliament now, and they said ‘are you going to leave now or do we need to get the police to escort you off the premises?’"

    She has also revealed how members of the Labour Party were “ready to disown” her because of the incident.

    “People in my own party were ready to disown me. Some MPs stopped following me. And they were disowning me because I broke Parliamentary rules. It’s like they didn’t feel proud of me that I was brave enough to call the Prime Minister a liar”.

    She added: “There were people who were like your career is done, your career is over. You’ve called the Prime Minister a liar, that’s it. And the people who I expected a phone call from to say ‘Dawn we’ve got your back’… no it didn’t happen. And I got a lot of abuse as well”.

    The MP, who once ran for deputy leader of her party, also doubled down on her feelings towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying: “We’ve got the most outrageous, corrupt, lying Prime Minister this country’s ever seen. And the rules are not strong enough to hold the gravity of the man’s lies”.

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