May 22, 2022, 19:47

    ‘Keir Starmer’s move to call lawbreaker Boris Johnson’s bluff will make or break him’ – Voice of the Mirror

    ‘Keir Starmer’s move to call lawbreaker Boris Johnson’s bluff will make or break him’ – Voice of the Mirror

    Hailing himself a man of honour, integrity and principle, Keir Starmer deserves praise for pledging to resign if he is found to have broken lockdown rules and fined.

    Labour’s leader is confident that he obeyed the rules in Durham when sipping a beer, believing he is the victim of a Conservative smear campaign.

    But the contrast between his behaviour and proven lawbreaker Boris Johnson could not be clearer.

    The shameless Tory Prime Minister desperately clings to Downing Street, typically refusing to do the right thing after he was fined for attending his birthday party.

    The former Director of Public Prosecutions is right – all politicians are not the same.

    Cynical Johnson, however, wants voters to think they are, to conceal his own moral bankruptcy. When Johnson is in the gutter, he tries to drag others down.

    Boris Johnson has refused to resign

    Getty Images)

    So Starmer has called the PM’s bluff. This bold move will define Starmer’s leadership, making or breaking him.

    Either way, Labour wins. Because lying fined lawbreaker Johnson should have quit when he was officially found to have breached laws that he made and ordered the rest of us to obey.

    Aimless plans

    Worsening the cost of living crisis and the major problems dragging Britain down, today’s Queen’s Speech – with or without Her Majesty – is the makeshift list of an aimless Government.

    The pomp and pageantry of the State Opening of Parliament will not deflect scrutiny of a programme with gaping holes from financial help for struggling families to the reportedly dropped promised ban on foie gras and fur imports.

    Britain needs a real Queen’s Speech, not today’s Post-it note.

    Grudge match

    Footballer’s wives Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy’s clash in the High Court is as fierce a rivalry as any game in the Premier League.

    Their Wagatha Christie grudge match has enthralled the watching nation.

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