June 16, 2021, 13:22

    ‘I’m desperate for my six-year-old to be get their Covid vaccine as soon as possible’ – Polly Hudson

    ‘I’m desperate for my six-year-old to be get their Covid vaccine as soon as possible’ – Polly Hudson

    It’s increasingly clear that the sensible option is to delay Freedom Day.

    So Freedom Day is guaranteed to go ahead as planned. I don’t care if that sentence doesn’t age well – I’d be genuinely delighted to be wrong.

    When we do remove all restrictions, vaccinations will obviously be more essential than ever.

    Pfizer’s has been approved for use in children age 12 to 15, and discussions are taking place now about this age group being offered it in August. Fantastic.

    But what about younger kids? As Delta spreads, and other, possibly worse, variants seem certain to follow, I’m desperate for my six-year-old to be vaccinated, ASAP.

    I’ve gratefully accepted every jab he’s been offered throughout his life, starting when he was just eight weeks old with a 6-in-1 for polio, whooping cough, diphtheria and others.

    I’ll do exactly the same with the coronavirus vaccine the second I get the chance.

    Pfizer has been approved for 12-year-olds and older in the UK
    (Image: Europa Press via Getty Images)

    I have no confidence in this government, natch, but I have absolute faith in scientists and the NHS, so as soon as the vaccine has been approved for my boy, we’ll be first in the queue.

    So far, most children who have caught Covid-19 have had it mildly, and not been very ill. Sofar.

    The slowly emerging data on Long Covid in children, however, is extremely worrying – support group Long Covid Kids had 2,300 members at the end of May, and the numbers are rising daily.

    Also, this evil virus is sneaky and clever, constantly mutating… it’s probably the only thing I trust (slightly) less than the government. Who knows what it will do next?

    And who would be willing to take any chance at all when it comes to their children? If there were an injection to ensure my son would never get run over, or break his leg, or have appendicitis, I would eagerly consent to them too.

    If children aren’t vaccinated, schools will remain a place where large groups of unprotected people mix regularly, hot beds of potential transmission and mutations… which, over time may learn to evade the vaccines – the news everyone’s praying we never hear.

    My neighbour’s daughter – and her whole class – just had to isolate for the whole of half-term due to an infected pupil.

    This is something that is still happening, and will keep doing so unless we take action.

    Kids have already missed so much of their education, of their lives, and the best way to ensure they’re not disrupted further is a needle in all their arms.

    We owe it to our children – and, let’s be honest, to ourselves as well – to do everything in our power to keep schools open in autumn, and not have to return to home-learning. To allow our children to be safe, happy, unrestricted.

    To let them be free, to do what they want, any old time.

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