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    How much does it cost to fill paddling pool? Ways to save money in heatwave explained

    How much does it cost to fill paddling pool? Ways to save money in heatwave explained

    Filling up a paddling pool is a great way to keep cool during a heatwave – but how much is it adding to your water bill?

    Households up and down the country will no doubt be thinking of taking a dip as temperatures continue to heat up.

    The Met Office has issued its first ever extreme heat warning as temperatures hit 32.2C (89.9F) at Heathrow Airport.

    Forecasters are also predicting it could reach 33C in some parts of the UK.

    It comes after England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all recorded their hottest days of the year over the weekend.

    As heat warnings are in place until at least Friday this week (July 23) we explain how much filling up a paddling pool to keep cool will cost you.

    There are ways to keep your water bill down
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    How much does it cost to fill u p a paddling pool?

    The cost of filling up a paddling pool will vary depending on the size of the pool and your water company’s charges.

    You’ll also only notice a difference on your bill if you pay metered charges – almost 60% of households in England and Wales are now metered.

    We spoke to experts at Money.co.uk who say it could cost an average of around 30p to fill up a small pool that holds 219 litres of water.

    For medium pools with the capacity to hold 455 litres of water, the average cost is around 63p, going up to £1.80 for large pools that hold 1,302 litres of water.

    Below are the average costs of filling up a paddling pool based on the cost of water per cubic metre across the UK for households:

    Ben Galizzi, energy expert at Money.co.uk said: “Many are running to their nearest stores to get their hands on paddling pools to keep themselves and the family cool.

    “For those on metered water, we’ve looked at how much it could cost you to fill up a small, medium and large paddling pool this summer.

    How much it costs to fill up a paddling pool, according to Money.co.uk

    This is similar to estimates by the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) who say it can cost around 50p to fill up a small pool, going up to £6 for a larger 8ft pool with a capacity of 2,100 litres.

    How to keep costs down when filling a paddling pool

    The CCW has provided the following tips to help reduce the cost of your water bill when filling up a paddling pool.

    • Don’t fill the pool to the brim
    • Put a cover on the pool overnight so you can keep the water clean and reuse it the next day
    • Reuse the water from the pool to water the plants or wash your car

    Finally, if you’re using a large paddling pool with a pump and filter, always follow the instructions from the manufacturer to keep the water clean.

    Ana-Maria Millan, water efficiency expert at the CCW, said: “As temperatures soar so does our demand for water but it’s important we make every drop count to ease the pressure on our water resources and wider environment caused by climate change and population growth.”

    “If you’re keen to take a dip in your paddling pool, remember to cover it overnight so you can reuse it the next day or recycle the water by using it to top up your watering can when it’s time to give your garden a drink.”

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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