December 3, 2021, 14:17

    German shepherd pup ’causes horror injuries to owner’ a week after being bought

    German shepherd pup ’causes horror injuries to owner’ a week after being bought

    A puppy owner says she was left with horror cuts and bruises on her legs after her young German shepherd cross attacked her shortly after moving into her home.

    Marianne Fraser and fiance William brought the puppy, Thor, from a breeder on October 17 but they claim he started to act aggressively after a week.

    He began to regularly attack Marianne by locking onto her legs and biting and in the end the couple were forced to give up the dog, it is alleged.

    Images show Marianne's legs with severe bruising and, she says, bite marks from the German shepherd-Belgian Malinois cross who allegedly had serious behavioural issues.

    The couple bought the German shepherd dog cross puppy but say they were forced to give it up

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    The couple said the dog had come from Fawnnest Kennels in Lockerbie, Scotland, and William told the MailOnline how they saw a "dramatic change" in its behaviour after a week.

    "He started to challenge Marianne, locking on and not letting go, then the biting started. After couple of days, he got worse and it resulted in Marianne endlessly being attacked and her face being hurt," William said.

    Thor was picked up by Julie Nevett who runs a rescue centre which specialises in retraining pups for military or police purposes.

    She wrote on Facebook how she had received another dog from the same litter, which she named Thor 1, due to similar behavioural problems and was critical of the breeder.

    Images show the horror injuries that Marianne says the dog inflicted

    I feel dreadful for both owners, not only have they lost a significant amount of money and their puppy, they have quite serious injuries.

    "I b****y hope the breeders are suitably ashamed of themselves."

    In an update, she insisted that the dogs "are not pet pups" but rather "working line pups" whose nature needs to be "channelled appropriately" and she rubbished the idea that either dog needs to be put down.

    Marianne and William are now blaming the breeder for the way Thor was treated

    Replying to her first post, one person claimed that a friend had bought a German Shepherd from the same breeder which turned out to be "riddled with problems".

    William has since said he's contacted the SPCA and his local council over the kennels who he claims have offered to refund the money in exchange for having the puppy back.

    He added: "It's not about the money – it's about the pup and what they have done.

    "This is not Thor the pup's fault as they have obviously been kept as wild animals. I just want people to know there are two of the same pack there."

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