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    Fury as 100 pupils removed from class for ‘failing to wear correct trousers and shoes’

    Fury as 100 pupils removed from class for ‘failing to wear correct trousers and shoes’

    Parents of students at an academy are fuming after more than 100 children were removed form the classroom in one day for wearing incorrect school uniform.

    Dozens of the Lincolnshire school's 2000-plus students were separated from the others and put together in the gym on Wednesday, after failing to correct uniform issues overnight.

    Angry parents told Grimsby Live that the problems at Tolbar Academy were predominantly related to issues with trousers and shoes, with one mum claiming the family was given less than 24 hours to source new shoes for their daughter.

    An academy spokesman said that “despite a number of reminders, assemblies and input from form tutors throughout the autumn term, some students have continued to not follow the regulations”.

    One mum, whose daughter has been wearing black shoes with a large gold Vivienne Westwood logo on the front, was furious.

    These are the shoes that put one child in isolation

    Grimsby Telegraph / MEN Media)

    She said: "I received a letter saying that she would be in isolation for the whole of January if we did not change her shoes.

    "However, we were given less than 24 hours to change this and I couldn't afford to change them either.

    "I didn't understand why she had to change her shoes though as she's worn the same ones since year seven.

    "She hates school now and is miserable when she goes and when she comes back.

    "I'm all for following policy, but this seems a bit extreme.

    "I know one girl got put into isolation and had a panic attack over it because she'd never been told off before.

    "It's frustrating that this is happening.

    "If the students are naughty then fine, but we weren't given enough time to change things so I'm a little upset that this is what has happened."

    Parents of Tollbar Academy pupils are outraged by the disciplinary action

    Jon Corken/Grimsby Live)

    The mum said she had threatened to pull her daughter out of the school if this carried on.

    The uniform policy states that pupils must wear black, flat shoes. It stipulates that trainers, trainer style shoes, canvas shoes or boots are not acceptable, and shoes with large embellishments on the front are not permitted, 'such as bows or hearts'.

    Trousers must be black full length, smart and tailored made from non-stretch material. They cannot be tightly fitted to the leg or cropped to the ankle, according to the school's website, which also carries a number of photos of acceptable and non-acceptable styles.

    Karen Marriott, 50, has a stepdaughter in year 10 and claims there is nothing wrong with her trousers.

    She said: "My stepdaughter was put in isolation for having socks that weren't long enough and that showed her ankles when she sat down.

    "I received a phone call from the school on Tuesday night telling me her trousers were too tight so I checked her trousers and there was definitely nothing wrong with them.

    "In the end, she was put in isolation and ended up missing a chemistry exam because of it

    "Kids have got GCSEs to worry about, this is not what they need.

    "They're also not able to get a hot meal while they're in there and can only have sandwiches.

    "I feel sorry for the kids who are being persecuted by all this.

    "Some are suffering greatly because of it all and some have gone home terrified, it's ridiculous."

    A spokesperson for Tollbar Academy said: "Tollbar Academy has a strict uniform policy which all students and parents are made fully aware of prior to joining the Academy.

    "The uniform policy promotes a sense of belonging and equality in our community, and the vast majority of our students and their parents comply fully with this policy – for which we are very grateful.

    “Unfortunately, a small number of students have not been complying with this. Despite a number of reminders, assemblies and input from form tutors throughout the autumn term, some students have continued to not follow the regulations.

    "We recognise that a vital part of our role is to prepare students for life outside our gates – for example, in the world of work where they may be required to follow a dress code.

    "In addition, in wider society we all have rules and expectations to follow.

    "We thank the considerable majority of our students and parents who continue to support the Academy in taking pride in our students’ appearance; we have now taken appropriate measures to rectify any issues and enforce this policy.”

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