June 17, 2021, 4:11

    Family lose ‘forever’ home and £10,000 after developer pulls out over row about fence

    Family lose ‘forever’ home and £10,000 after developer pulls out over row about fence

    A family say they’ve lost their “forever” home and are down £10,000 after the developer pulled out days before an exchange – over a complaint about a garden fence.

    Kerry and Robert Minshull pointed out that the fence was only 4ft – 2ft shorter than they expected – and said they were worried people in a nearby Tesco would be able to see their kids in the garden.

    The couple, who have two young daughters, have been in the process of buying the new-build property in Helston in Cornwall since June 2020.

    But they said when they complained about the fence, the developer pulled out days before the exchange – then relisted it for £75,000 more.

    They claim to be around £10,000 out of pocket after paying for custom wardrobes and blinds, solicitor fees and mortgage costs.

    The property that Kerry and Robert Minshull were hoping to buy
    (Image: Kerry Minshull / SWNS)

    They say the deal didn't happen following a complaint about the fence
    (Image: Kerry Minshull / SWNS)

    They also sold most of their appliances and furniture in anticipation of the move to what was meant to be an already fitted home.

    The couple claim they were initially told not to worry about the fence in an email thread between them and the site manager.

    However, just says later, Mr and Mrs Minshull say they were contacted by the estate agency dealing with the property to inform them the housing developer David Martin, of Graceloft Ltd, no longer wished to sell the property to them at all.

    Mrs Minshull, 38, a teaching assistant, said: "It's just broken my family completely – we've been waiting a year for this.

    "I'm gutted, I'd never wish this to happen to anybody. There isn't any more houses down here – people are snapping them up.

    "We're looking at least £75,000 more to get a house like we wanted but we can't afford that."

    "I sent an email to say something like, 'I'm sorry to trouble you we've been to look at the property were really not happy about the fence'.

    "Then the site manager responded saying what are you unhappy about – is it the height?"

    The property was relisted at £449,950 – £75,000 more than the family were due to pay
    (Image: Kerry Minshull / SWNS)

    The family say they've been left devastated
    (Image: Richard Thomas / SWNS)

    She added: "I spoke about how in the summer if we want to put a pool out in the garden everyone's going to be out watching the children and we've got no privacy.

    "He said he completely understood and would get it resolved – it was all left on good terms."

    Just days later, Mrs Minshull claims she received the call from the estate agents to say the vendors were withdrawing the property.

    Not long after the property had even been put back on the market for £75,000 more than they were purchasing it for.

    The family claim they went to speak to the builders days later and were told they “shouldn’t have complained”.

    She said: "I was crying, the kids were crying. They said we should have waited to move in and sorted it then.

    "We kept waiting – it got to Friday and it was just making us ill, my kids were besides themselves.

    "I said, 'let's just phone David Martin' and we asked him to reconsider, this was going to be our forever home.

    "My kids are in an awful way – you teach them to be kind and you then get people like that."

    Thankfully, her husband Mr Minshull , 41, who works in the Navy, has been allowed to keep his family in their navy-owned property beyond their original move out date.

    They've also sold numerous appliances and furniture in anticipation of the move to what was meant to be an already fitted home.

    But the couple say they’re unlikely to be able to afford to buy their own property any time soon.

    The asking price for the home they were originally going to buy is now £449,950.

    Mrs Minshull said: “House prices have gone mad – we're looking at least £450,000 for what we wanted.

    "We've missed out on stamp duty and there's nowhere to buy. It's really unfair."

    David Martin said: "All I can say is we've built 20 houses on that site already, we didn't have any problem with them and there's about eight or nine also pre-sold and we've got no problems with them.

    "It's gone up in price, quite dramatically, but so have several others there, but the deals have gone through, these things happen in these times.

    "There's over 20 houses already sold on the site that we didn't have any difference with them, we've got really satisfied customers and the properties are selling well up there.

    "And yes, the property has increased in value quite considerably.

    "Seeing as I withdrew from it, I increased the price to sell it again, but that's only business."

    "I don't feel I've done anything wrong and that's all I can say."

    Olivers Estate Agents, who were dealing with the property, said: "It was an unfortunate case on both sides, we can empathise on both sides of the coin.

    "We were following our instructions, as we would any of our vendors.

    "I spoke to them earlier that day to inform them that our vendor was no longer wanting to sell the property to them, for reasons between our vendor and Mr and Mrs Minshull, and that was followed up with an email confirming it."

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