May 19, 2022, 10:57

    Etiquette expert reveals the posh way to eat pizza using cutlery in viral TikTok video

    Etiquette expert reveals the posh way to eat pizza using cutlery in viral TikTok video

    An etiquette expert has revealed the posh way to eat pizza in a recent viral TikTok video.

    Lucy Challenger founded and runs Polo and Tweed, a high end agency which sources employees for the 0.01 per cent.

    She has a popular TikTok channel teaching social media users essential manners and etiquette to fit into the upper echelons of society.

    In a recent video, she explained how to go about chowing down on pizza in the formal setting.

    She ran through the specifics of what cutlery to use, how to slice up the pizza and which bits of the pizza to eat first.

    Ms Challenger insisted that you should always cut your pizza into slices, then begin with the smallest tip of the triangular slice, and eat up towards the crust.

    The etiquette expert advised to eat from the tip of the slice upwards


    Ms Challenger did point out it was unlikely you'd be served pizza in a formal setting


    In the video, she said: “In formal dining in Britain, it's unlikely you'll be served pizza.

    “But if you were, you would use a knife and fork to eat. According to many of my Italian friends, it is perfectly acceptable to eat a pizza with a knife and fork.

    “Firstly, you would cut a triangle within the pizza. Start from the centre, then with a zigzag motion, cut through the pizza, and repeat to create a neat sized triangle.

    “Now we would work from the smallest point of the triangle to eat.

    “I would cut a small, bite size portion, spear it with my fork, and then place it into my mouth.

    “I repeat this process, working up the triangle, to the largest section of the crust.”

    She said that while you “can of course pick up pizza anytime you wish” she said in a formal setting she recommended against getting stuck in with your hands.

    Her method of how she ate the pizza garnered mix feedback from social media users with some less than keen on her formal approach to eating pizza.

    One commentator boldly claimed: “Don't care if I'm eating in Buckingham Palace with the queen I'm picking it up and folding it with my hands.”

    Another said they’d rather be put out of their misery, rather than eat pizza with a knife and fork.

    Others however, were more appreciative of the more refined method of enjoying pizza.

    One wrote: “I eat pizza with knife and fork too, I hate greesy fingers…”

    Another agreed, adding: “Everyone here uses knife and fork for pizza when we are in a restaurant, at home we usually just use hands.”

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