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    Drivers could be fined £1,000 for making the wrong move to let an ambulance pass

    Drivers could be fined £1,000 for making the wrong move to let an ambulance pass

    Motorists might assume that certain driving rules don't apply when you're letting an emergency vehicle past.

    But the reality is if you're not careful you could actually be hit with a fine of up to £1,000 for breaking the law.

    The Highway Code is clear that motorists should give way to vehicles with flashing lights, including police cars, fire engines, ambulances and emergency doctors.

    However if, for example, you end driving into a bus lane in the process or driving through a red light – you could be slapped with a hefty fine. The same goes for entering a yellow box junction.

    As well as the fine, some offences, such as running a red light, can add three penalty points to your licence, reports DevonLive.

    The Highway Code's instructions are: "You should look and listen for ambulances, fire engines, police, doctors or other emergency vehicles using flashing blue, red or green lights and sirens, or flashing headlights, or traffic officer and incident support vehicles using flashing amber lights."

    It's worth checking the Highway Code to ensure you're up to date with current laws

    The code says you should stop before the brow of a hill.

    You should also never mount the kerb, don't put anyone else in danger and don't brake harshly.

    Earlier this month, we took a look at some of the other surprising driving laws that motorists can easily break.

    These included unnecessarily honking your horn, which can land you with a £30 fine. The horn of your car is only designed for alerting other drivers or warning them of your presence.

    It can't be done unnecessarily, even if you are feeling stressed or filled with road rage. It can distract others and even shock them, leading to unintended accidents.

    Meanwhile you could be fined £60 for failing to clean snow and ice off your car. Your windscreen, lights and number plate must all be clear of both.

    Avoid mounting the curb or driving through a red light when allowing an emergency vehicle past

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    Parking on the pavement in London is also against the law, and can get you fined £70. However it's allowed elsewhere in the country if a sign permits it.

    Another law to keep in mind relates to parking at night. At night you can not park facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognised parking space. Breaking the rules here could cost you £1,000.

    This one might come as a surprise – driving through a puddle and splashing a pedestrian could land you with a whopping fine of £5,000. You may also be hit with 6-9 points on your licence.

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