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    Dog who lived outside and ‘spent two years looking through window’ needs new home

    Dog who lived outside and ‘spent two years looking through window’ needs new home

    With those gorgeous brown eyes, it's hard to believe Buster could ever be the victim of neglect – but sadly he has suffered for the last two years.

    Buster spent his days living outside alone, longing for a warm bed and a sheltered roof over his head.

    And now he's desperate for a new place to call home, with a family that will love and dote on him in his last few years.

    Kymm White, founder of South East Dog Rescue (SEDR), was asked to help rehome senior spaniel Buster due to his former owner's ill health.

    Kymm told The Mirror : "Buster was a well-loved family member but the lady caring for him was too poorly to walk him.

    "She said he had been kept outside for two years and that she felt sorry for him as he spent his days looking through the window into the home.

    "Once I heard this, I couldn't not help."

    Buster is looking for a retirement home

    South East Dog Rescue)

    He's in need of some TLC

    South East Dog Rescue)

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    The lady's son would walk Buster when he could, though the senior spaniel has problems with his mobility.

    When 11-year-old Buster came into SEDR centre, his hair was matted and he was in need of some tender-loving care.

    "The most important thing is that he's here and will get the help he deserves," Kymm said.

    So far, Buster appears to be quite an anxious boy who is tentative in making new friends, but is slowly learning to trust staff.

    He loves to play ball but the team are cautious of too much exercise until they know what is wrong with his back legs or spine.

    As soon as Buster has been seen by a medic and given any X-rays and treatment that he may need, SEDR will begin to look for his forever family.

    "He will need a quite retirement home where he can still enjoy his walks and home comforts once again," Kymm said.

    If you could give Buster a warm home with a cosy bed, please get in touch with SEDR and fill out the online form.

    Another dog desperate for a second chance at life is tiny Tom, who was rescued from a Turkish kill shelter.

    Dog charity Cavaliers In Need is desperately pleading for donations to transport Tom from Turkey to Northern Ireland.

    Little Tom was found with no hair or body fat, and it's incredibly hard to believe he is actually a cavalier King Charles spaniel.

    Charity workers hope in a few months' time, Tom will be strong enough to make the journey to a safe foster home and live like a normal spaniel once more.

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