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    Dad blasts ‘ridiculous’ price of end-of-year school trip amid cost of living crisis

    Dad blasts ‘ridiculous’ price of end-of-year school trip amid cost of living crisis

    A dad has blasted his son's school over the cost of school trips, branding them "unfair" amid the current cost of living crisis.

    Gavin Owen said the price for the end-of-term trips for his two sons is "ridiculous".

    Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen sent parents a letter explaining that an adventure week had been organised for pupils for the end of term.

    The secondary school explain it would cost up to £80 per pupil, meaning Gavin will be spending more than £100 for his children, who are aged 12 and 15.

    Speaking to North Wales Live, Gavin said: "It's usually free or a minimal fee, but we got a letter to say this year was £80. It's ridiculous — some people have two or three kids there and I know of some children whose parents can't afford it and it's just not fair on them."

    A dad has called the costs 'ridiculous'


    The adventure week includes kayaking and climbing, which requires safety equipment, a spokesperson for the school said.

    They added they are "fully aware" of the pressures families are under and had attempted to find a balance between keeping costs down and making up for lost experiences over the pandemic.

    The cost per pupil varies depending on their year.

    For a year 7 student, it's £80, for a year 8 student it's £50, and for a year 9 student it's £40.

    Gavin said: "I don't mind paying little fees for things like canoeing but £80 in this current climate, with energy bills and everything going up, is ridiculous.

    Part of the costs cover safety equipment

    Daily Post Wales)

    "I know it's nice for the kids but there's so much they could do without spending £80. It should be all about making the most of your surroundings and I think it could be a way of teaching them that you don't have to spend money in places to have a good time.

    "It's not like we live in the middle of the city, there's plenty of stuff we can do locally without having to hire a bus or spend that much."

    A spokesperson for the school said: “Our aim as a school is to offer our pupils access to the best possible experiences during their time at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen including experiences in their local area which in turn supports the local economy. As part of this aim, the school has organised a week of varied adventure activities.

    “We are fully aware that the current cost-of-living crisis is affecting our pupils' families and we would never wish for that to be a barrier to any of our pupils from taking part in activities on offer. Due to the pandemic, the school was not in a position to plan the activities months in advance and offer an extended period to pay for the activities on this occasion.

    "However, we were very eager to respond to the hopes of parents who took part in a recent opinion-seeking questionnaire on the issue who were keen to see extra-curricular activities being offered. Finding the balance between keeping the costs of journeys down and offering pupils the opportunity to catch up on the lost experiences of the last two years has been very challenging.

    "Whilst the costs of the week of activities varies for years 7, 8 and 9 it is important to remember that all fees will include transport costs. As part of our efforts to ensure as many pupils as possible make the most of the activities on offer, there is a discount for pupils who are eligible for free school meals and we are offering a payment plan for those who are finding it difficult to pay. Those pupils who do not choose to take part in this year’s activities this year will be able to enjoy activities at the school throughout the week for no cost.”

    The Mirror contacted the school for a comment.

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