September 23, 2021, 23:19

    Couple left ‘sickened’ and ‘screaming’ after finding dead wasp in KFC meal

    Couple left ‘sickened’ and ‘screaming’ after finding dead wasp in KFC meal

    A couple who were enjoying their KFC meal say they were left sickened after discovering a dead wasp.

    Lindsey Ross and his wife Erlinda drove to the fried chicken chain on Wednesday afternoon to pick up their dinner.

    They returned to their home in Springwell Village, Gateshead and started eating, only for Erlinda, 49, to start screaming.

    Lindsey said he asked his wife what was wrong, and she showed him what looked like a dead wasp in her Zinger salad.

    The 73-year-old returned to the restaurant and was refunded the cost of Erlinda’s meal, but said the sight put him off his own dinner.

    The pair drove to KFC at around 5pm on Wednesday to get food for themselves and Lindsey’s son.

    They say they found a wasp in their meal
    (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

    After ordering at the drive-thru window they were asked to wait in the car park until their meals were brought out and handed through the car window.

    Retired mechanical engineer Lindsey said: “We were eating in the living room, my wife was eating a Zinger salad and she suddenly screamed and showed this dead wasp.

    “It was in with the salad – there was buttermilk sauce all over it so you couldn’t really see it at first.

    “It put me off eating mine.”

    Lindsey returned to the KFC branch to speak with the manager.

    He said: “I felt he was very blasé about it. He said ‘these things happen’ but they shouldn’t happen,

    “He asked how we knew it hadn’t come from our house, but we’d know if there was a wasp flying around.

    “I was concerned that he wasn’t concerned. I’ve never complained about anything in my life before.

    “They gave us a refund of £5.29 for her meal, but I’d forked out £23 altogether and I’d left mine.

    “I would like them to apologise and say if they’re going to take any action to stop it happening again.”

    A KFC spokesperson said: Oh dear, our team didn’t spot this little guy in the salad before it reached the guest, which certainly isn’t up to our usual high standards.

    "We’re really sorry about that and have offered them a full refund to make it right.

    "The restaurant team also made sure they thoroughly checked the rest of the orders that day to prevent anyone else making their way in!”


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