June 16, 2021, 13:41

    Couple drove 150 miles to get engaged after Covid postponed romantic proposal

    Couple drove 150 miles to get engaged after Covid postponed romantic proposal

    A couple drove over 150 miles to get engaged after the Covid-19 pandemic postponed the proposal.

    Izzy Molinari and Georgios Charalambous first visited Whitby, North Yorkshire, two years ago as their first trip together.

    They wanted to visit the seaside town again last year and George was planning to propose but they had to cancel their trip because of coronavirus.

    Finally, though, the couple visited Whitby this weekend on a family trip and George asked Izzy to become his wife, Yorkshire Live reports.

    Izzy said: "Me and my fiancé first came here 2 years ago as our first place away together.

    Izzy's engagement ring

    "George told me it was supposed to happen last year, however due to Covid-19 it couldn’t happen.

    "So he thought as we were planning to go to Whitby as a family getaway what not better place to make it more special for us both.

    "We absolutely love Whitby, it was a three-hour drive to get here and it was a total surprise.

    The couple first visited Whitby together two years ago

    "I’ve hinted to him in the past only joking but when it happened there and then I was taken aback in a good way then after two minutes of shock all the emotions kicked in and tears came flooding!"

    Posting in the Love Whitby Facebook group, Izzy's mum beamed: "Today we would like to announce the Engagement of our Daughter Isabel Izzy Molinari and Georgios Charalambous, they chose Whitby as they love it so much."

    Several couples said they decided to get engaged in Whitby

    Other members of the group said they also chose the location to get engaged.

    One posted: "We got engaged at Whitby Abbey 5 years ago!"

    Another said: "We did it in Whitby at the top of the churchyard too, 11 years ago."

    Last month, a couple's romantic proposal was nearly wrecked when a £4,500 engagement ring shot off the bride-to-be's finger and into a murky lake.

    Vik Patel, 25, popped the question to Rebecca Chaukria, 26, at the scenic Lake District at sunset after waiting eight months during the Covid pandemic for the perfect setting.

    But when the moment came, the couple's joy turned to heartbreak as the ring slid off and sank into the water.

    Sourse: mirror.co.uk

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