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    Call girl forced to leave council house after neighbours complained about ‘loud sex’

    Call girl forced to leave council house after neighbours complained about ‘loud sex’

    A call girl was forced to move out of her council house after neighbours complained about "loud sex".

    Nicola Parry, 29, used to work at a brothel in Manchester City Centre but when the coronavirus lockdown hit and she started "working from home" to make ends meet.

    The mum-of-one, who was living in South Manchester at the time, infuriated her neighbours who said they heard "loud sex" through open windows, Manchester Magistrates' Court heard.

    Parry also held an orgy with up to 10 men at self-styled "House of Sin", Manchester Evening News reports.

    One neighbour was reportedly asked by Parry to watch her six-year-old son while she "worked".

    Parry in one instance reportedly asked a neighbour to watch her six-year-old son

    Cavendish Press)

    It was also said clients were seen queuing up in their cars outside the property at breakfast time.

    Police intervened after one neighbour kept a diary of illicit encounters at the property – where it described how multiple sex workers turned up for liaisons and of one punter propositioning her whilst she was outside in her garden.

    In one incident, Parry was seen stood on the roof of her property clutching a warning letter from a housing association about her activities and yelling: ''You are all f****** b*******! Which one of you complained about me? I have a f****** letter now! Which one has done it?''

    Parry admitted charges of keeping a disorderly house, indecent exposure and causing a public nuisance

    Cavendish Press)

    Parry was later arrested after she stripped naked in the middle of a busy carriageway during the rush hour after claiming she needed to "attract attention" from passing motorists as she was fleeing an abusive punter.

    Parry, who now lives in Blackpool, admitted charges of keeping a disorderly house, indecent exposure and causing a public nuisance.

    She was handed a community order by JPs.

    The court heard how the investigation began in November last year after Parry began complaining to neighbours about being unable to work at the brothel due to Covid.

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    Robin Lynch, prosecuting, said: "At that point, she started to have clients at her home address and she asked a neighbour to look after her six-year-old child at the time when she was working.

    "The neighbours started making a note and recorded multiple working girls coming to the address, working between January 18 and February 7, 2021.

    "On January 22, at about 9:30pm, one of them was looking out the window and saw three working girls enter the property. She had multiple conversations with the housing officer and reported them and the defendant was warned.

    "The aggrieved party said January 27, 2021, was particularly bad in terms of noise at all times of the day and night.

    "The windows were left open when the clients were in the property and the neighbour called the police at 5am, 7.20am and 8.45am because of noises coming from the house. It was people having loud sex, and the number and frequency of males coming to the flat.

    "At one point, there was a queue in the car park of people waiting. Another working girl turned up at 8:30am and the police were called and they made the individuals leave.

    "The aggrieved party goes on to say on February 2, she was stood outside the property, having a cigarette, and a male propositioned her."

    The prosecutor said on February 5, Parry received a letter from the housing association warning about her behaviour.

    Mr Lynch added: "On February 6, at 7.30am, the defendant turned up with three males. The noises continued.

    "These three males were coming and going all day. She said that at one point, there were ten males in the property and the noises continued throughout the course of that day.

    "On February 8, there were similar matters, and the police went round.'"

    Parry was arrested in March after an incident in Denton, the court heard.

    Mitigating, defence lawyer John Mitchell said: "As a result of Covid, she was unable to work, so she decided to work from home.

    "That caused issues, the neighbours got involved and the police are called.

    "She then started working elsewhere, and that lead to the incident in Denton. She was attacked in that house and when she has escaped she has caused the nuisance to attract the police."

    A probation report said Parry had a cocaine problem and added: "She has taken her clothes off, is that she was trying to attract attention because she was fearful about a threat to her life.

    "She does currently live and work in a parlour. There are risks in that, but she shouldn’t be subjected to harassing behaviour.

    "She finds herself in a difficult situation. She’s only allowed contact with her son once a week for an hour a week at the moment. It’s a very difficult situation for her.''

    Parry, who also admitted criminal damage and possessing cocaine, was ordered to complete a 12-month community order which will include a six-month drug rehabilitation programme.

    She was also fined £80 and ordered to pay £180 in costs and surcharges.

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