May 19, 2022, 12:16

    Boris Johnson rolls out plans to stop kids skipping school in Queen’s Speech

    Boris Johnson rolls out plans to stop kids skipping school in Queen’s Speech

    Boris Johnson plans to crackdown on kids skipping school and improve literacy skills as set out in today’s Queen’s Speech.

    Teachers will be required to draw up attendance policies to ensure as many children as possible are in class to improve the safeguarding of vulnerable pupils.

    Prince Charles said in the speech: “It is estimated that there were more than 115,000 children who were home-educated at some point during the 2020-21 academic year, which is an increase of 34% on the previous year.

    “Local authorities need accurate data to identify children in their areas who are not receiving a safe or efficient full-time suitable education, and also to offer support to interested parents of home educated children.”

    Former Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said the kids who miss classes will end up with “diminished life chances and job opportunities” if they’re not brought back on track.

    Prince Charles reads the Queen's Speech in her absence


    The Schools Bill hopes to "level up opportunity" for kids across the country, ensuring all children have access to a highly performing school regardless of where they live.

    Prince Charles said more schools would be able to convert to academies in strong trusts, by removing “barriers to conversion for faith schools and grammar schools”.

    The Tories were criticised earlier this year for “failing to get the basics right” when these proposals were first trailed, with critics saying the measures lacked ambition.

    Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson said parents would be surprised to hear that a "focus on helping every child develop good reading, writing and maths skills is a new discovery for the Education Secretary".

    The Government were also accused of failing to address the educational disadvantage gap between rich and poor students – which has been heightened by repeated Covid lockdowns.

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