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    All Coca-Cola Christmas Truck 2021 tour dates and stops announced so far

    All Coca-Cola Christmas Truck 2021 tour dates and stops announced so far

    As soon as you spot the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck you know that holidays really are coming.

    Last year the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour was cancelled, like many other things, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Luckily, the Christmas truck tour is back with a bang this year, and could be coming to a location near you.

    For many the truck arriving in their hometown signals the official start of the Christmas period, ever since it first appeared in Coca‑Cola’s famous ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert.

    Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming tour dates.

    Coca-Cola Christmas truck 2021 dates and stops

    The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour 2021 is here

    NurPhoto via Getty Images)

    Be aware this is not the full list as Coca-Cola "doesn't want to spoil the surprise yet".

    The fizzy drinks company said "which cities we'll be rolling into" will be revealed "over the next few weeks", but that they are "planning to stop at as many cities around the UK as possible".

    • Glasgow (November 24-25, 11am-8pm), Silverburn Shopping Centre, G53 6AG
    • Newcastle (November 25, 11am-8pm), The Metro Shopping Centre, NE11 9YG
    • Leeds (November 27-28, 11am-8pm), White Rose Shopping Centre LS11 8LU

    We will keep this article updated, so be sure to come back to find out the next stops of the tour.

    Does the Coca-Cola truck give out free coke?

    Brits are excited for the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour to return to the UK, here in Germany

    ullstein bild via Getty Images)

    Yes! One of the best things about the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour is that you can pick up free sample sizes of Coke Zero.

    Visitors can also grab a selfie with the iconic red truck. Share your selfie with loved ones to spread holiday joy.

    When did the Coca-Cola Christmas truck start?

    The famous trucks have been a Christmas staple ever since they were launched on TV in 1995.

    Created by agency W.B. Doner for their seasonal advertising campaign, they were first known as Christmas Caravans.

    However, the UK tour of the truck first began more recently, in 2010.

    Why was the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour 2020 cancelled?

    The Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour was sadly cancelled in 2019

    Getty Images)

    Like many other events last year, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    At the time, the company tweeted: "Due to current restrictions around the country, our Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour won't go ahead this year.

    "We know it's disappointing, but we'll continue to share special Christmas moments throughout the festive season.

    "We look forward to seeing you next year!"

    Fans of the soft drink were openly disappointed, with one fan saying: “It’s not Christmas without the Coca-Cola truck! I guess we will make do with the advert then.”

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