October 22, 2021, 16:01

    Suwanosejima volcano erupts with lava spewing into air and ash ‘to fall on village’ – World News

    Suwanosejima volcano erupts with lava spewing into air and ash ‘to fall on village’ – World News

    Japan's Suwanosejima volcano has erupted, spewing lava and sending a massive cloud of ash into the blue sky.

    Officials warned that a large amount of ash was expected to fall on the village of Toshima following Thursday morning's eruption.

    The volcano erupted just after 11am local time as experts monitored a burst of recent activity on the remote island.

    Located at 2,621ft above sea level, it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with dozens of eruptions occurring every year.

    Despite the activity, it has been home to about 50 people for years and has a small airport.

    The eruption happened just after 11am local time

    The volcano has been in a state of "near-continuous strombolian-type eruption" since 1949, according to Volcano Discovery.

    The volcano forms the 8 km long spindle-shaped island of the same name in northern Ryuku Islands, Japan. The remote island is home to about 50 residents only.
    Suwanose-jima consists of an andesitic stratovolcano with 2 historically active summit craters. Intermittent to continuous strombolian activity began from On-take (Otake), the NE summit crater, in 1949 and has been going on since. After 1996, occasional periods of inactivity have become more frequent.

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