May 20, 2022, 9:24

    Sisters accidentally marry wrong grooms after lights go out in blackout during wedding – World News

    Sisters accidentally marry wrong grooms after lights go out in blackout during wedding – World News

    An embarrassing mix-up saw two sisters accidentally marry the wrong groom after a power cut at their ceremony.

    Unable to tell the brides apart in the dark, the wedding pandit made the blunder in Ujjain, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, according to reports.

    The brides, named as Nikita and Karishma, were due to tie the knots with partners Dangwara Bhola and Ganesh before it all went wrong.

    Their father, Ramesh Lal, said the pandit was probably confused because the sisters were wearing the same outfit and had a red veil covering their faces, The Times reports.

    It is understood that the two grooms, who were from different families, were also wearing decorative veils which hid their faces.

    There are conflicting reports about when the error was corrected (stock image)

    Getty Images)

    The mistake on Sunday is claimed to have caused a huge row between the families – but there are conflicting reports about when it was corrected.

    According to India Times, the blunder only came to light after the grooms took their respective brides home.

    Some villagers argued however that the brides should just accept their husband, even if the union was made in error, The Times reports.

    However according to this version of events the error was corrected the following day, when a fresh ceremony was held to confirm the union of the correct couple.

    Both brides were wearing similar outfits, their father said (stock image)

    Getty Images/Images Bazaar)

    There are conflicting reports that the power came back on during the ceremony, and the pandit realised the mistake he was making.

    Embarrassed about the blunder, it is claimed, he corrected it there and then.

    Soaring temperatures have made power cuts more commonplace in India.

    With demand for electricity soaring when it is hot, energy companies often impose cuts lasting several hours because they are unable to meet demand.

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