February 25, 2021, 16:46

‘Show ’em How it’s Done!’ Fans Ecstatic as PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal with YouTube

‘Show ’em How it’s Done!’ Fans Ecstatic as PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal with YouTube

YouTube’s most popular individual creator PewDiePie announced a year ago he would be using live-streaming video service DLive exclusively to present weekly live-streams, touting their far better economic terms for creators.

Vlogger-gamer PewDiePie has signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube, after announcing almost exactly a year ago he would be streaming exclusively on DLive platform.

​According to a press release, PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is excited to return to YouTube after his stint with the rival small blockchain-based live-streaming site.

Photo : PewDiePie channelPewDiePie

YouTube’s biggest independent video-maker, who boasts over 104 million subscribers, added that new features influenced his decision to return to live-streaming on YouTube, as the platform’s esports (electronic sports) additions have quickly made it a top competitor to Twitch.

The 30-year-old Swedish video-maker first started uploading videos on YouTube in 2010, playing and commenting on video games and making daily postings for several years.

However, in April 2019 he announced he would no longer be live-streaming on YouTube and would instead move to Dlive, a platform using blockchain cryptocurrency, which promised more lucrative financial returns for content creators, taking a significantly smaller cut of the donations and earnings.

Announcing the move at the time, the content-creator said:

Having gained around 822,000 followers on the new platform, PewDiePie, nevertheless, returns within the YouTube fold amid a battle among top esports platforms to score exclusivity with the gaming industry’s biggest influencers.

Lately YouTube has been landing exclusive live-streaming deals with celebrities like CouRage, Typical Gamer, and Valkyrae.
News of the deal sparked a swift response among netizens with many applauding the move to YouTube.

​Some wondered what had happened with the DLive deal.

​Some, however, showed less enthusiasm and recalled previous controversies linked to the gamer’s name.

​PewDiePie fans were quick to reproach those who posted negative comments.

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