September 21, 2020, 21:53

Israeli Police Compile Car Movement Info in Massive Secret Database, Report Claims

Israeli Police Compile Car Movement Info in Massive Secret Database, Report Claims

The project, known as the ‘Hawk-Eye’ program, was said to have begun secret operations in 2014, collecting data on Israeli-owned vehicles by using smart cameras distributed across all parts of the Middle Eastern country.

Israel’s police forces are gathering a huge secret database on the movement of cars belonging to Israeli citizens, including those not suspected of any wrongdoing, across the country without clear oversight, The Times of Israel reported on Wednesday, citing a local news outlet.

The report claims that the videos are stored in a secret database for at least six months and for periods up to several years, citing a police source familiar with Hawk-Eye.

The aim of the surveillance program is reportedly to see where a car travels in case a driver or owner is suspected of involvement in a crime or a terror activity.

The report highlights that the Hawk-Eye program violates a 2012 regulation by the Justice Ministry which requires police to register such databases with the ministry and notify Israelis of their existence.

The report claims that the database is not a subject to any form of oversight.

According to The Times of Israel, police in response to the report said that the use of the Hawk-Eye program has been “validated by judicial means and used in an orderly fashion when needed”.


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