May 16, 2022, 14:28

    Groomer’s plea to owners who fail to regularly brush their dog’s fur – World News

    Groomer’s plea to owners who fail to regularly brush their dog’s fur – World News

    A groomer has slammed owners who leave their dog's fur to become unmanageable before doing anything about it.

    The salon worker has started turning doodle owners away at the door because they "haven't even bothered brushing them at home" before bringing them in.

    Fed up with being "undervalued" by her customers, the woman vented to Reddit: "We are sick of arguing with you about matting.

    "We are sick of brushing out your dog for four hours only to have you turn around and let it mat right back up. We are sick of arguing with you about the value of our work.

    "We are sick of you not even bothering to brush at home and then calling us lazy. We are sick of shaving pelts that we could use as a rug off of your poor, poor baby.

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    She wants owners to take responsibly for their dog's coat

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    "We’re sick of hearing you say we made your adorable dog ugly. We are sick of seeing you neglect and abuse your dog, only to turn around and accuse us of the same."

    In an attempt to teach doodle owners a "lesson", the woman is no longer booking appointments for the breed.

    "In our experience, it just teaches you that you don’t have to take care of your dog," she added.

    "It seems to make you think that you can bully someone into getting what you want. No more. You want a long-haired doodle?

    "You brush it. Your shoulder can burn from the hard work. Your dog can be mad at you for repeatedly pulling and tugging on their skin for hours.

    "But if you don’t want to do all that work? Then I’m shaving it off. Your dog deserves to feel better, and I refuse to be a part of your abuse any longer."

    Slamming owners who allow their dog's fur to become so matted it causes them problems when going to the bathroom, the woman simply called them out as "abusers".

    She said: "Dematting can be painful, especially when the matting is severe.

    "If you let your dog get so matted that poop and pee get stuck to their privates, or their joints are not able to move properly, or hotspots have developed underneath the matting, or their ear is literally matted to their cheek, then screw you.

    "You are a dog abuser and the only reason you haven’t been reported is because your groomer is caught in a technicality. I’m not brushing it out just so you can do it again.

    "My salon isn’t the only one. I’m seeing groomers everywhere start to refuse new doodle clients entirely. I won’t accept one without a consultation.

    "It’s not your dog – it’s you. Our tolerance is getting real low for poor pet ownership.

    "You love your doodle? Act like it. Brush your damn dog, and bring them to the groomer every six weeks."

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