March 7, 2021, 0:55

Federal Reserve Sees US Economy Rebounding in 2nd Half of 2020 – Vice Chairman

Federal Reserve Sees US Economy Rebounding in 2nd Half of 2020 – Vice Chairman

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The Federal Reserve sees the US economy rebounding in the second half of 2020 from the impact of the restrictive measures implemented to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and will use its limitless balance sheet to aid the recovery, Vice President Richard Clarida told CNBC.

“I do think recovery can commence in the second half of the year,” Clarida said on Tuesday. “I think the broader picture is that we are providing support to Main Street and we don’t want to minimize the difficult challenge the economy faces near term.”

Clarida said he hoped the US economy is not scarred by the COVID-19 pandemic and that he was not sure “what rabbits from the hat” the Federal Reserve could continue pulling to spur growth.

The Federal Reserve has launched nine different programs worth $4 trillion to prop the financial markets and provide loans to companies stricken by the COVID-19 crisis.

About 1.2 million Americans have contracted the novel coronavirus and some 70,000 have died from the COVID-19-related complications.

US agencies, including the Treasury Department, have so far committed more than $6 trillion to rescue the US economy from a nearly seven-week lockdown forced by the virus.


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