March 6, 2021, 4:24

China Slams US for Provocative Tweet Urging For Taiwan to Get a Seat in UN Amid Pandemic

China Slams US for Provocative Tweet Urging For Taiwan to Get a Seat in UN Amid Pandemic

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory and vehemently opposes any attempts to suggest that the autonomous territory is a sovereign state. Nonetheless, 15 countries around the world have formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, while the US is engaged in trade with the self-governing island.

The US sparked a harsh response from China after its UN mission, in a tweet, called on countries to bring Taiwan back to the United Nations. The mission argued that its exclusion allegedly goes against the values of the international body.

The tweet came in support of a series of tweets by the Department of State’s Bureau of International Organisation Affairs, which insisted that Taiwan could share its experience in fighting the coronavirus outbreak if it had a voice in global bodies, such as the World Health Organisation. The island was stripped of its spot in the WHO, along with other global bodies, after it was recognised as a part of China with, Beijing taking its place.

The tweets by US diplomats were met with “strong indignation and firm opposition” from China. Its mission to the United Nations slammed the statements as “a serious violation” of the General Assembly resolution that granted Mainland China its place in the international body and of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Chinese diplomat further reminded the US of the three communiqués between Beijing and Washington that solidified the One-China policy in international diplomacy, calling on the US to adhere to this principle and stop “backing the Taiwan region, politicising, and undermining international response to the pandemic”.

China considers Taiwan, which is an autonomous region, an indivisible part of its territory and has long denounced and opposed any attempts by foreign states to question this status or establish direct relations with the island’s authorities.


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