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    Brit, 25, drowns in ‘turbine’ Spanish river that’s killed three others in last month – World News

    Brit, 25, drowns in ‘turbine’ Spanish river that’s killed three others in last month – World News

    A young British man has drowned in a Spanish river which claimed three other lives in the last month.

    The 25-year-old was pulled unconscious from the water near a famous waterfall close to a popular beauty spot called the Fuentes del Algar, a half-hour drive north of Benidorm.

    A police source said on Tuesday: "He was swimming and was swept away by the current."

    The UK Foreign Office has confirmed to the Mirror the man was British.

    The tragedy occurred on Monday evening. The alarm was sounded around 6pm and a helicopter with firefighters, police and paramedics mobilised as part of the emergency response.

    Efforts to revive the casualty failed and the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

    The same spot has seen multiple deaths in recent weeks


    Local reports said witnesses had tried to save him by performing CPR before professionals arrived to take over.

    The latest tragedy in the area takes the death toll in the last month at or around the same spot to four.

    Two people, including a guide, were killed on April 8 after being swept away by the current due to heavy rains. They were part of a group of six people.

    On April 17 a hiker drowned after falling down the waterfall where the latest tragedy occurred.

    The waterfall is known as the Bolulla Waterfall in a stunning ravine just north of the popular Fuentes del Algar beauty spot – known as the Algar Waterfalls in English.

    The waterfall is known as the Bolulla Waterfall in a stunning ravine


    They are described as a “fantastic day trip” for holidaymakers staying in the main Costa Blanca coastal resorts on travel websites.

    Travel firms offer guided tours to the area.

    Visitors who want to do more than just swim around in the rock pools below the waterfalls are advised to bring hiking boots to negotiate the hills and walkways around the Bolulla and Algar Rivers.

    The Bolulla waterfall, around a 15-minute hike north of the Algar Waterfalls, is a 65-feet cascade at the end of a ravine called the Bolulla or Estret de les Penyes Ravine.

    Bolulla mayor Adrian Martinez said after the first three people lost their lives in two separate incidents: “What we have seen here are examples of rashness.

    “The river has become swollen with heavy rains and people have gone in despite that and we can’t control everything they do.”

    He also said visitors were accessing the area through privately-owned plots of land or simply ignoring warning signs.

    He added: “In the two accidents where three people died the same thing happened.

    “They fell in the area where the Bolulla waterfall is and there’s a sort of turbine effect there and the people who fall get trapped in the water.”

    An FCDO spokesperson told the Mirror: "We are supporting the family of a British man who died in Spain."

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