October 27, 2021, 19:33

    Doctor in vaccine plea after mum-of-three loses her feet and hands during Covid battle

    Doctor in vaccine plea after mum-of-three loses her feet and hands during Covid battle

    A doctor has shared a mum harrowing battle with Covid which resulted in her losing both her hands and feet as he urged people to get vaccinated.

    Dr Wesley Ely from Nashville, US, posted a video of 32-year-old Autumn Nugent walking with her new prosthetic legs after medics were forced to amputate her limb due to complications from the virus.

    He said Autumn pleaded with him to share her story in a desperate bid to encourage others to get the jab.

    Dr Ely captioned the video: “Covid took her hands and feet,” he captioned the post.

    “I cried when she sent me this yesterday: Her physical resilience and mental fortitude are my inspiration.”

    Issuing an emotional vaccine plea on behalf of Autumn, he tweeted: “She sent this of her walking with new legs and said to tell you…Blood clots of Covid can be prevented with a vaccine!”

    The mum-of-three is urging people to get the jab


    Dr Ely previously released a series of tweets detailing the mum-of-three's devastating journey with Covid-19 as she requested.

    He wrote: “Covid-19 is a disease of blood vessels that can affect your lungs, heart, brain, or any organ. Blood clotting sucks life from vital organs.

    “This patient asked to have her story shared so that others may learn and seek vaccination.”

    The medic explained that complications from the virus caused blood clots in Autumn's arms and legs, resulting in wounds that resembled burns.

    “It took nurses many hours each day to change her wounds,” he said.

    As Autumn continue to battle with the virus Dr Ely said it became clear that there would be a cost if she was to survive.

    “She was going to live, and we were all thrilled. Still, it was sad to think that this young woman would lose her hands and feet as they continued to dry up, lifeless and still,” he said.

    Dr Ely posted a photo of Autumn with a nurse in the hospital courtyard which was taken a week after she underwent the amputation.

    He said: “Her desire for life became a huge inspiration to all of us. I gained way more from her than she ever gained from me."

    Autumn had to endure gruelling physical therapy while taking more than 12 different medications every day in the weeks that followed which meant she had to overcome immense physical and mental barriers.

    Dr Ely said: “Here you can see her during rehabilitation just after she finished doing some amazing planks. Even with healing wounds, she was doing 2 minutes of planking – such is her physical and mental strength!” Dr Ely wrote about her progress.

    She was gifted a set of prosthetics with her sister’s and kids' names on them to give her hope and motivation during her recovery.

    Dr Ely revealed that he and Autumn have become close through her journey and she even calls him "dad".

    “I call her my daughter, and she calls me a new dad (who won’t give her advice!). She is a treasure beyond measure for me. I don’t deserve her in my life, but I’m totally thankful she accepts me." he said.

    Issuing his own warning for people to get the jab, he pleaded:

    He finished with a stern warning to others about the confronting reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    “Her life is forever changed…This is the reality of what can happen to a very young and totally healthy person.

    Medics were forced to do the amputations so Autumn could survive


    “She said, “Please, Doctor Wes, share my story to help others get the vaccine.”

    And ended the thread on a slightly more positive tone.

    “Life goes on no matter how hard the curve balls are that we are thrown. There is hope for tomorrow. Love of her kids and sisters is driving her onwards.

    “Very few drugs have such a great safety profile. Covid patients want to get vaccinated and many have asked you to reconsider… Do your part and share her story and its message of hope. Make her courage to share worth it!”

    A fundraiser has been launched to help pay towards Autumn's medical care.

    You can make a donation here.

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