July 30, 2021, 7:16

    Couple’s dream wedding halted as bride dislocates her knee during first dance

    Couple’s dream wedding halted as bride dislocates her knee during first dance

    After postponing their wedding day due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, a couple thought their luck was finally in this summer.

    However, even when the wedding was able to go ahead, things didn't quite go to plan.

    As the American couple, Paul Richter and Julie Benn, were preparing to party the night away, their vision of perfection fell to pieces as they took to the dance floor.

    While the happy pair had their customary first dance, Julie dramatically dislocated her knee.

    Their wedding party, which took place on the American holiday of Independence Day, was abruptly stopped as the bride screamed in pain.

    The dance accident was filmed and uploaded to TikTok

    Julie was left screaming in pain

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    The incident happened just as Julie and Paul began their first dance as husband and wife to Dave Matthews' "Stay".

    The 32-year-old groom gently dipped his partner before witnessing her excruciating injury.

    Paul told People: "I can't watch the video of it, her knee went out and Julie looked at me right away and she goes, 'I dislocated my knee.'

    “Just like that, she knew. So then my mindset goes from like, 'Oh yeah, we're having a great dance right now,' to, 'All right, get her a chair.'"

    Present at the scene was the couple’s friend who happened to be a health worker.

    “One of our dear friends is an orthopaedic physical therapist, she works on knees," Julie said. "I saw her face, and I'm screaming."

    The couple postponed their wedding day amid the Covid-19 pandemic last year

    Julie dislocated her knee as she began her first dance with her partner as husband and wife to Dave Matthews' "Stay"

    A nurse practitioner who was also among the guests told the bride that her knee had moved completely to the right side of her leg.

    Julie explained: “They're holding my knee in place, supporting it, and it was blinding, searing pain. I have a lot of respect for athletes who play through their injuries. I never dislocated a knee. I broke a bone when I was a kid, but nothing else."

    Fortunately, the emergency services quickly arrived and Julie – who was still wearing her wedding dress – was treated for her injured knee after a couple of hours of waiting in the emergency room.

    The 34-year-old bride was released at around 8:30pm after receiving pain medication, before returning to the wedding where the guests waited for them.

    The band had also stayed behind for their return and Julie said everyone cheered for them as they made their reappearance, saying it "made her feel like a professional athlete".

    Julie now needs physical therapy three times a week while she recovers, but Paul joked he "can't imagine" what it would have been like to have a normal wedding.

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